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Briefly about Hive

From the beginning in 2015, Hive was meant to be a tool that would bring a sea of change to the overall workflow of companies around the world. Instead of keeping an eye on project management dashboards, email, calendar, statistics reports, analytics all at once, the Hive team saw the future of work: one platform that merged multiple applications into one, to maximize productivity, save time, and keep costs down, for every team.


About project from the first-hand

About project


QA Lead

On Hive since Feb 2018

Along with the Hive team, we have built an effective process of automated and manual product quality assurance. Manual testing includes a regressive method, which is usually performed before every release, as well as functional, API, and UI/UX testing. Since there is also Hive mobile app, we also take up the mobile testing of iOS and Android. Hive is the integration of a bunch of services, which are also tested.

For the automated testing, we apply Selenium Webdriver, end-to-end testing for Pull Request at Circle CI. Recently we have implemented DataDog for development of Synthetics (Browser) Tests.

For the documentation of the project tests, we have covered almost 6000 test cases. Every week we update them and add the new cases with Test Rail.Read more...

Some Hive facts:

Dozens of renowned customers including

$28M of investments and counting

Rated the #1 Project Management Platform in the world by Capterra

According to users' reviews at Q2, in 2021 Hive was acknowledged as the Industry Leader, also winning the categories Easiest to Do Business with, Easiest Admin, High Performer, Users' Most Likely to Recommend

1,000+ integrations providing a seamless experience of using messaging, email, calendars, file-sharing, workflow tools, and more within one platform

A brief history of Hive

May 2015

  • 2 developers on the Ukrainian team
    2 developers on the US team

  • Trello+Slack+Google Drive integration

  • Meteor-based app



  • 1.4M of investments
    October 2016: The launch of Hive


  • Increasing the number of
    customers from 0 to 200

  • +4M of investments


  • The launch of Hive Analytics


  • +10.6M of investments


  • Industry Leader according to users' reviews

  • 20 developers on the Ukrainian team
    About 40 members of the US team

  • 1000+ integrations

  • Migrating to Node.js, + React, React native,
    Blaze, Less, CircleCI, Postman and more...



Some of Hive features include:

Whatever view you prefer, Hive offers multiple ways of data visualization ( such as Kanban board, Gantt chart, portfolio, calendar, table and summary types of view)

A personal tasks management dashboard, to keep you and your team on track, with 4 categories: assigned, current, future, and completed tasks

An analytics tool to monitor individual and team performance

A resourcing tool to track the current team members' assignments to projects, along with their availability to complete new tasks, including scheduling and planning

A messaging and chat feature that is truly all in one place

The ability to customize settings for each project:get all required tools and integrations at hand without stumbling upon unneeded functionality

Project templates are available to use

A cross-company software covering all the functionality each department needs, keeping all the processes transparent and within one platform

The ability to provide estimates, plan for a budget, use task approvals, and so much more!

From Trello, Slack, and Google Drive to a leading cross-company project management software...

In 2015, two Hive co-founders reached out to Apiko with a clear vision of the gap between a project management software that is easy to use, and the one with the necessary functionality. They had already successfully launched an MVP that was similar to the likes of a Trello, Slack, and Google Drive integration. Then, an Apiko dedicated team of two took on the challenge of improving and further developing the first collaboration tool that would keep all work processes within a single platform. With a virtuoso client-oriented marketing strategy, Hive increased their customers' audience from 0 to 2000 enterprise teams in one year. The rapid growth of functionality, high demand for custom features,development and client support caused more professionals to join the team, which, on the Ukrainian side, now consists of 20 members. Today, with numerous tools, multilayered hierarchy, and over 1,000 integrations, Hive is an industry leader in the productivity space that constantly evolves with their community in mind.

Don't miss your chance to become a part of this successful and proactive team!

hive and trello

Hive & Apiko Team

Hive and team

Join the Ukrainian and American team, and experience the Hive difference!

  • Work in a comfortable office in the centre of Ternopil:
  • A friendly team eager to cooperate, share experience and help you to smoothly get on the track in the project

  • Easy public transport commute from any location in the city

  • A convenient, fully-equipped workspace. (Can't imagine parting with your own laptop? Feel free to bring it with you!)

  • Meeting rooms available

  • A kitchen, table tennis and more :)

  • The possibility to work remotely
  • A flexible schedule offere
  • Competitive salary
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • 15 working days paid vacation
  • Fun team-building activities including trips, BBQ parties, etc.
  • Possibility of a business trip to visit the American part of the Hive team in New York

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