meals unite

Country: Netherlands

Scope of Work: Frontend, Backend, Android mobile app


Meals Unite is an online marketplace for sharing a meal with your friends or complete strangers.

Our client came to us with the goal to connect people through the food ritual in a warm homelike atmosphere..

You can join as a Host, Guest, or both, and reach out to new experience and acquaintances!


Develop an online marketplace for events booking with an advanced search settings.

Our tasks were:

  • Design a user-friendly search & book interface

  • Enrich the marketplace with third party integrations


We helped to deliver the following features in MealsUnite:

For guests

For guests

  • Guest profile

    In a guest profile, users can see their booked current and past events, communicate with other guests, request other time & date or cancel the event.

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  • Advanced filtering

    Users can automatically see the events in their location via the geolocation API. If you want to visit the event in another city or country, you can manually type the name of the location and see the events available there.

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  • Events sorting

    Guests can sort events by date, price, favorite events, and event characteristics (type of food, cuisine, dietary restrictions).

For hosts

For hosts

  • Host profile

    After creating an event, the hosts can compose a menu by adding dishes and drinks, upload images to their menu, set the price, choose the time and date, number of guests, venue, and payment method.

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  • Booking settings

    In the booking settings hosts can choose the method of reviewing guests, number of guests, booking closure and guest cancellations terms. They can also choose whether guests can request other date or time of the event.

Main integrations

Technology Stack


Our Client has received a user-friendly online marketplace with simple and intuitive interface. It has all the necessary functionality for pushing it into the market and gathering the first base of users.

Lassen wir nun also Ihre Geschäftsidee Realität werden

Lassen Sie uns Ihren Geschäftsplan und weitere Aktionen besprechen.

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