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Use our App Development Cost Calculator and find out how much does it cost to make an app and how long does it take. Just pick all the required features and we’ll help you calculate the budget needed to develop your application from scratch.

1. Would you like Apiko to take care of your app design?
2. How will users sign up and log in to your app?
3. Would you like to add a map function in your app?
4. Would you like to have a system for sending photos/videos in your app?
5. Should your app contain live chat features?
6. Would you like to have a payment system integrated into your app?
7. Do you need to send notifications through your app?
8. Would you like to manage lists of products, services, options, etc in your app?
9. Are you planning to have a search bar and/or category filters in your app for better performance?
10. Should some features of the app be available offline?
11. Are you considering to integrate advertising/analytics services into your app?
12. Do you need an admin panel to manage all data on your own?
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