Car rental marketplace development

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Benefits for business owners. Reasons to invest

Bla Bla Car, Uber,, Turo. People behind the online rental marketplace services mentioned decided to see what the outcome would be if they invested in vehicle rental/ridesharing category of apps. As the result we’ve got neat services that offer a convenient and rapid method to get to any place you need even if you don’t own any car.

Great demand in car sharing services

Global car rentals tendencies: ~5m members have shared over 105k vehicles.

Take care of everyone

For instance, a survey held in the UK in 2014 stated that there were nearly 1000 rentals which required a special vehicle to adjust the trip to someone with a disability.

The double profit

Offer a set of useful features (like insurance) and guarantees for the costs you withdraw from car owners.

Develop your custom car rental marketplace with Apiko

We deliver both

Web car rental marketplace development

Mobile car rental marketplace development

Features a top vehicle rental marketplace app should have

Main functionality

Admin dashboard

With the car rental admin dahsboard, car owners can manage thier listings, interact with customers, manage payments, get statistics on their profile activity, etc.


Let your car rental marketplace users book available time, choose free timeslots for vehicle rental. The booking system will easily update the calendar when car is booked or canceled.

Docs collection

Make sure car owners and their customers have required documents like insurance, driving license, etc.

User dashboard

Let your customers easily navigate your car rental marketplace, search required vehicle, use intuitive filters to choose a car, use a calendar, get customer support, etc.

Payment system

Apiko can develop a payment system that allows to charge percentage for car listing and car renal. We can easily intergrate Stripe payment system into your car marketplace or others.


Consider the development of review feature to allow both renter and car owner submit a review of the provided service.


Provide your customers with fast and effective support with robust chatbot that will answer all users' basic questions.

Car search engine

Seach engine allows filter cars by color, popularity, available location, price. Also, we can develop a specific search engine to promote your renters top premium cars.


Notification system is a must-have feature for car rental marketplace. At Apiko, we expertly deliver in-ap: notifications, push-notifications, SMS alerts, etc.


Let users evaluate car owners reviews, response rate, number of cancellations.

Software development workflow at Apiko

Here is how we develop your project: from idea validation to further maintenance and support.


Stage 1

Concept development

  • Business analysis
  • Wireframes & Prototyping
  • Project estimation
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Stage 2

UX/UI development

  • Brand identity
  • UI design
  • UX design
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Stage 3

Web, mobile app development

  • Product roadmap development
  • Project architecture development
  • Web, mobile app development itself
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Stage 4

Quality assistance

  • Quality assistance and consulting
  • Software testing life cycle
  • Manual and automated testing
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Stage 5

Business platform support

  • Web, mobile application support and further product maintenance
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