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What makes a Job Board Marketplace popular

Everyone is in search of better job opportunities and extra profit. The variety of job search websites and a large number of its users proves this fact. Take a look at these stats:

18, 560, 000 find a job from online job postings annually

4, 000, 000 job positions appear online per month

The size of online recruitment market is more than $25 billion

Here are the main reasons to start a job search website:

A chance to specialize in a certain niche or geographical area.
Enter the less competitive market by specializing in some narrow industry or certain location. Such approach will make your marketplace more noticeable and targeted.
A great variety of monetization strategies
You can charge your users for site advertising, newsletters, highlighted job postings, etc.
Constant need in employment, which makes job board websites always in-demand.
People are always hunting for jobs. Your marketplace will help them to stay tuned for the latest job listings and offers.
Easy website maintenance
In general, your marketplace will be maintained by recruiters and job seekers. All you have to do is to review each job listing and company background.

Develop your successful job board
marketplace withApiko

Get your a success-driven Job Board website with Apiko
step 1

Our team will help you to create a profitable business model for your job search marketplace, advice on the best technology stack, features, and ways of monetization.

MVP development
step 2

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) will help you to ensure that you are on the right track. It includes the basic features needed for the start and gives you a chance to see if your product fits the market.

step 3
Expanding your job search marketplace

After you have received feedbacks from the first users, we will enrich your job board with additional features and integrations.

Basic features of job search marketplace:

Features for
  • Job
  • Applicant
  • Company
  • Applicant
  • Resume
  • Automated job
Features for
  • CV
  • Notifications
    about new jobs
  • Company
  • Application
  • Job

Now, let’s turn your idea into reality

What type of marketplace are you planning to build?
What kind of development services do you need?

Check out the stages of your job board marketplace development

Here is how we develop your project: from idea validation to further maintenance and support.


Stage 1

Concept development

  • Business analysis
  • Wireframes & Prototyping
  • Project estimation
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Stage 2

UX/UI development

  • Brand identity
  • UI design
  • UX design
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Stage 3

Web, mobile app development

  • Product roadmap development
  • Project architecture development
  • Web, mobile app development itself
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Stage 4

Quality assistance

  • Quality assistance and consulting
  • Software testing life cycle
  • Manual and automated testing
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Stage 5

Business platform support

  • Web, mobile application support and further product maintenance
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