Country: Denmark

Scope of Work: Frontend, front-end UI, backend & responsive website development



A Client has applied to Apiko Team to develop a B2B food marketplace platform for retailers, wholesalers and buyers. The aim of the product is to enlist the company and shops, showcase the products and goods, and to improve the communication between the stakeholders in the food market/industry. Such digital solution is a great time saver for the new ideas to try and implement.

Business Challenge

A client has required the development of one-of-its-kind B2B food industry-related shared economy platform. Our primary tasks were to:

  1. Help with the platform’s full-stack development that included frontend, front-end UI, backend, and responsive website development.
  2. Implement a customer relationship management functionality to adopt robust sales and marketing automation.
  3. Build an intuitive customer communication system to make users interact with each other and share valuable information.
  4. Develop advanced filtering system to facilitate platform operations.
  5. Design built-in analytics to measure selling activities.

Technology Stack

Scope of Work

Apiko Development Team has built on-of-its-kind B2B food industry-related shared economy platform that included the following features:

Basic Functionality

  • Opportunity to enlist personal company with the required information
  • Indicate the company’s shops (or shops network) and display them on a map
  • Showcase the production
  • Add connections
  • Provide and easily edit information about the expertise
  • Search various companies, wholesalers, retailers and producers, see info about them and contact/send them requests to make new deals
  • Advanced searching and filtering system
  • Push-notification

B2B Food MarketPlace Development

development schema

B2B Food Marketplace Integrations

To fulfil customers expectations and demands, we’ve also integrated the following:

  • CRM
  • Social media for sharing the platform among friends and inviting them there,
  • Analytics tools,
  • Location tracking


Our Team developed an advanced B2B food marketplace platform to let producers distribute the necessary product information as well as collaborate with their customers in a transparent and comprehensive way.

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