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Childcare/babysitting C2C marketplace app

Country: Wales

Scope of Work: Frontend, backend

Project story

The author of Wibl has applied to Apiko Team to implement a bright and family two-sided mobile application for parents, their relatives and close people. The product owner has planned it as a babysitting marketplace app which allows to request someone from your family and/or friends for a childcare when you’re out for business or have a night out. A person can accept the babysitting request from their dearest ones and help them when they need it the most.


Wibl app creators have requested Apiko development services to help with the backend/frontend development and bugs fixing of childcare mobile C2C marketplace app, a babysitter app for families and friends.

  1. Frontend, backend development
  2. Debugging of the existent features
  3. Analytics tool integration
  4. Development of in-app purchase system mechanism for Google Play Market and App Store
  5. Creation and implementation of the new features, like ‘Meetups’ organization (meetings of parents and babysitters)

Technology Stack


As a result, Apiko Team has delivered a user-friendly, clear P2P childcare mobile application for both iOS and Android. The major product's business requirements were brought to life and developed on the highly-performant level.

The main functionality:

The app provides its users (parents and babysitters) with the following features:

  • Invite/add your family members or friends to Wibl, the babysitting app, so that you can contact them instantly
  • Create a childcare request
  • Communicate with your friends and family via private chat
  • Keep track of your childcare requests with creating events in calendar and browsing your friends’ requests.
  • Reminders will help you not to forget if you’ve got an arranged childcare or have agreed to someone’s childcare request.
  • Opportunity to make in-app purchases for the upgrade
  • ‘Meet-ups’ arrangement, real-life meetings scheduling between babysitters and parents

The most challenging things during the development:

  • In-app purchases functionality for iOS AppStore

Main integrations:

  • Google Analytics
  • Social authorization via Facebook


A full fledged product which provides safe babysitting/childcare. You can download the app fromGoogle Playand try it on your own Android-based device. iOS user? The product is available onAppStore.

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