About the project

Construction Assistant is an application for on-site construction administration. It empowers project and site managers, allowing them to work at the construction site, use up-to-date project information, and improve construction project execution.

Besides of using Meteor we were requested to use Kendo UI front-end framework which is quite functional but not enough compatible with Meteor. We decided to fight the compatibility issues and thus keep it possible to take the full advantage of the Kendo UI framework.

Technology Stack

The main functionality:

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This is a place where the users sign in into the system. Construction Assistant was made for the corporate clients so it's protected from the unauthorized access. Administrators can conrol the access groups of users. We care about personal information of our clients so we've built a multi-level authentication system.

Document page

Document page displays the generated layout in a user-friendly way. We have created a large number of components to enrich the user interface. The adaptive interface works equally well with different types of devices.

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