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MongoDB data visualization tool


People deal with big data processing in different areas, e.g. business and economy, healthcare, government, science and education.  Databazel  is a simple tool for data visualization directly from MongoDB. It allows to stay in control of your data, effortlessly and quickly analyze it, and share reports with your colleagues.

Technology Stack


  • Connect a database to the app (if necessary you can add more than one database)
  • Choose collections to work with
  • Data filtering
  • Build a chart of a chosen type (Bar, Line, Pie, Scatter, Radar, Polar, Donut)
  • Table constructor
    • Simple table mode
    • Pivot table mode
  • Pagination
  • Dashboard
    • Save charts and tables
    • Resize and place saved charts and tables any way that is convenient for you
    • Share the interactive dashboard with your colleagues via URL
    • Invite new users to work on your dashboard
  • Ability to check the SQL-like query to MongoDB

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