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About the project

Dataforce is a web-based analytical platform that's available for all platforms. With Dataforce user can create charts based on data from Salesforce, Google Analytics, etc. The main feature of this app is ability to overlay couple curves from different sources or services.

Technology Stack

The main functionality:

Chart Editor

Chart Editor is the most important part of the app - it enables user to create and edit a chart. Each chart contains one or more curves. The curve is vector of structured data (e.g. line on the chart). Chart Editor provides ability to choose data source service. In order to access particular service user should sign in it using application's connectors page. Dataforce can display any data entries user picked in chart editor. Also, user can pick particular chart type for each curve.

Metrics merging

If two curves have dimension of date type their metrics can merged into a single curve based on common date dimension. As result, Dataforce can display correlation between two metrics form different services.


All charts created by user are listed on Dashboard. User can preview, edit or remove any chart.


Connectors page enables user to sign in supported service, so application can access data it contains. Using Connectors page user can easily sign in, view status or revoke access for particular service.

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