Hot Spots

Event Management Platform

Country: USA

Scope of Work: Frontend, front-end UI, backend, iOS mobile app, Android mobile app



Our clients are business partners Taujuanna Ware and Josh Bush from Montgomery, Alabama. Josh Bush is CEO and President of the information technology company Up and Running. His aim was to create an app where people can have information about what to do, where to go, and where to eat in the city in one central spot.

Hot Spots is an event planning and management app for both locals and tourists. It allows you to have all the information about the best events at your fingertips.

Except this, it also gives event organizers a chance to advertise their events and attract more visitors. Apart from events, users can also read about some of the best attractions and places to visit in the city. A real silver bullet for those who can't sit still!

Business Challenge

The client came to us with the ready project and wanted to add several new features. We have thoroughly analyzed the application, and came to the decision that it needs a code refactoring.

  1. The existing solution required a more stable, maintainable, and reliable internal structure. As a result, we have developed the app from scratch and improved its overall functioning.
  2. In order to makeHot Spots accessible to all, the Client asked Apiko Development Team to create both web and mobile app versions.
  3. Making the mission to create user-friendly and multi-functional app at the same time, we also implemented robust third-party integrations

Technology Stack

Scope of Work

Hot Spots Web & Mobile Application Development

1. Apiko Development Team has developed:

2. Building Advanced Filtering

Events search by:

  • Address
  • Category (all events, community, sports, festivals, places to eat at, nightlife, live music, theatre, etc.)
  • Manage the received event requests: shortlist them, schedule
  • Your current location
featured vendorsmain app screencreate company

Check the events details:

  • Date and time, address, event description, еmail, phone number
  • Images of events and places
  • See the event’s location on the map
  • Bookmark the events you are interested in
  • Create new event
  • Create a company
  • Pick the event owner (user or company). If a company is the event owner, any user interested in this event will be able
  • To view company’s profile information.
  • Edit the created event
  • View the events you have created
profileevent detailscreate event

3. Front-End Optimization:

We decided not to use the route between the event list and event detail. Instead we have used the view on the list, which visually looked like a route for the user. This decision has lead to 3 major advantages:

  • One database request for the event list and event details page. When the user gets back to the list, the request is not made again, as all the data is already loaded
  • Opportunity to get back to the place where we finished scrolling
  • Speed improvement and better user-experience as a result
  • Your current location

4. Third-Party Integrations:

We have developed the following third-party integrations:

  • Stripe payment system
  • Google Maps geolocation

5. Push Notification

Apiko development team has developed an in-app push-notification sent from backend server and application to user interface.


Our client received an event planning application for both iOS and Android. It has all the necessary functionality for the release and promotion. Currently, product owners are in search for the new ways to advertise their app and attract more users.

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