Education Recruitment
Marketplace Platform

Country: UK

Scope of Work: Frontend, front-end UI, backend



The initial request of the client was to create a platform that will help schools to find teachers and teachers to apply to particular school. The aim of this system was to make the recruitment process in schools convenient, fast, and transparent.

Technology Stack

Scope of Work

Apiko Development Team has provided full-stack development, that included frontend, backend, UI/UX design for web solution for the recruitment platform. It’s required to develop a two-sided functionality: for submitting the school details and teacher profiles.


As a consequence, we have developed a fully functional platform for scheduling, event management, payments, and reporting that can be used in any industry.

mackbook screen
finded homepage
finded form
finded page with map
finded new job vacancy page
finded statistics page
finded search jobs page
followed schools page
My CV page
profile page

1. Apiko Development Team has developed:

  • Post job proposals
  • Edit posted vacancies
  • Manage the received applications: shortlist them, schedule an interview or decline them
  • Keep track of the activity using a dashboard

2. Teacher profile

  • Post a CV
  • Edit the CV
  • Search vacancies
  • Follow schools whose vacancies they would like view
  • Save the job preferences
  • Receive relevant vacancies
  • Submit their applications to the open job proposals
  • Receive notifications about application submission or denial
  • Keep track of the activity using a dashboard
  • Bookmark the vacancies
  • Send a vacancy to a friend


Google maps API integration. It allows teachers to see the job offers located within the chosen area.


Our Client has received a web application that saves teachers` time and allows them to find the appropriate vacancies in one place. Schools, in their turn, can reach the right candidates without spending money on recruitment fees and advertising.

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