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A platform for time managment organization

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About the project

Many people (managers in particular) use a lot of tools for organization their time and routine affairs. Searching through the browsers' tabs can interrupt you from the main job.

The main idea of GetItDone consists of combining most used features of time management and scheduler services. It also allows you to integrate and synchronize data with time-tracking services giving you powerful time organization tool.

What actually can you do with GID?


Get it Done project boards

Get It Done presents you a method of quick board creation. Due to it you can organize a whole bunch of your tasks marking each board with its own color. Besides that, each task has its own priority and description.

High priority tasks list

Get it Done Project higi priority tasks

High-priority tasks are available in a separate view - sidebar at the left. It's quite handy when you have a lot of tasks and don't know which one you should focus on.

Inbox sidebar

Get it Done Project inbox sidebar

Another great productivity feature is Inbox. We love it because that's the place when we can create a task without setting a bord. You can do this later. You can open it from the right bottom corner.

Task time tracking with Toggl

Get it Done project Time tracking with toggl

User-friendly time-tracker extends GID's features. If you have TOGGL account, you can track yours tasks both in GID and Toggl. This feature synchronizes data with time-tracker, so that's possible to control task's time with TOGGL interface.

Plan your day with boards inside scheduler

Get it Done project scheduler

It's just a usual calendar, but you can populate it with your previously created tasks.

See events from Google Calendar in your scheduler

Get it Done Project google calendar integration

Google Calendar is popular among busy people. Whether or not you are one from them, you'll see your events from Google Calendar right in the scheduler in order to avoid certain circumstances when tasks' time overlaps with previously created events.

Open Source

This is completely open source project! It means you can fork it on GitHub and manually add the features you miss!