Gitter Mobile

Unofficial Gitter Mobile Client application

Scope of Work: mobile app development, frontend, backend


Project story:

GitterMobile is an unofficial Gitter mobile client for iOS and Android built with React Native. Our purpose was to test how the mobile apps, like this one will work on React Native. The mission was to build a highly scalable chat app and analyze the pros and cons of using React Native.

Gitter is a communication and networking platform for communities and teams organization. This networking app integrates with GitHub, GitLab, Trello, Jenkins, Travis CI, Heroku, Sentry, BitBucket, HuBoard, Logentries, Pagerduty & Sprintly to make the process of collaboration more effective and widespread. Its primary aim is to manage community collaboration and serve as a platform for discussion and contribution to open-source projects.


We’ve decided to create a React Native-based unofficial Gitter mobile app to check out React Native, a newly emerged technology back in 2015, as a framework for development and make sure that this technology is capable of building as well-performant mobile apps, as the native ones.

We’ve challenged ourselves with:

  • Building a real-time messaging mobile platform for iOS and Android with React Native
  • Adding all the essential for messaging app features, such as edit/delete message, person mention, chatrooms, search messages, people, etc.
  • Keeping to the official Gitter style and identity and making the project open-source, so others can contribute to the project

Technology Stack

We’ve utilized the set of mobile JS-based technologies mostly to provide the great app’s usability on both mobile platforms.

Small remark
We were satisfied with the result, as we’ve created an open-source mobile chat platform, using React Native and Redux. The app turned out to be quite efficient and React Native platform has proved itself to be more than just a successful choice.

Main features

General functionality of the app includes:

  • Home screen
  • Basic drawer and real-time updates for drawer
  • Authentication screen (while fetching data)
  • Internet Relay Chat commands to provide better group
    communication (chat in ‘channels’) experience
  • Sharing ability and screens
  • Browse room activity feed
  • Take a look at user profile info
  • Check out room info
  • Message screen

We’ve paid a very special attention to the messaging functionality. When messaging with people, you can:

  • Send message, edit, delete messages, mark messages as read
  • See messages updates in real-time
  • Mention someone, send links, emojis
  • Collapsing messages
  • Browse message’s status type
  • Search messages and messaging history
  • Browse the list of chatrooms
  • Search rooms and people
  • Mark room as favorite
Gitter app can monitor the activity in Github repositories. No matter if it’s a new comment, a new pull request, or an issue, you can see any update regarding a certain repository on the right sidebar of your specific chatroom.


We’ve carried out an open-source React Native-based Gitter mobile client, so anyone can improve and modify it. We are constantly working on this project and believe that it will come in useful for development communities all over the globe. You can test the app and download it from our GitHub repository for your Android device. All in all, we were satisfied with the outcome and would recommend you to try out React Native for your marketplace app development.

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