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GitterMobile is an unofficial Gitter mobile client for iOS and Android built with ReactNative. Unfortunately, we noticed unsatisfactory performance of official Gitter mobile client and exactly this triggered us to develop a better version. Gitter is a communication platform for engineering communities and teams on GitHub. Its primary aim is to manage community collaboration and be a platform for discussion and contribution to open-source projects. It gathers all the development community in one place and allows to find any information just in a few clicks.

Gitter mobile client has an open-source code, so anyone can improve and modify it. We are constantly working on this project and believe that it will come in useful for development communities all over the globe.

Solutions stack

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  • Home screen
  • Basic drawer
  • Real-time updates for drawer
  • Room messages list screen
  • Send message
  • Base mark as read
  • Edit messages
  • Delete messages
  • Real-time messages updates
  • Parsing messages to display mention and links, emoji
  • Collapsing messages
  • Status (/me) messages type
  • Search rooms and people
  • Favorite/unfavorite room
  • Search messages
  • User info screen
  • Room info screen
  • Authentication screen (while fetching data)
  • IRC commands
  • Sharing ability and screens
  • Room activity feed
  • Message screen

Open Source

This is completely open source project! It means you can fork it on GitHub and manually add the features you miss!