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Online food marketplace app

Country: Singapore

Scope of Work: Refactoring, backend, web and mobile app development, online food marketplace development

Business idea

Halalfoodhunt is an online food marketplace for merchants and customers. Apiko team has improved the overall performance and architecture of the marketplace and extended its functionality.

The main idea of the project is to build a truthful community of the restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and other public caterings that have a “halal food” status. In other words, it is the marketplace of businesses that provide food, permissible in traditional Islamic law.

Main features

For restaurants
  • List their business
  • Choose a subscription plan
  • Submit documents for verification
  • Select and offer discounts for the visitors
  • Put up a QR display at the store or website, so the visitors can use this discoun
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For customers
  • Search merchants by categories, preferences, discount, location, menu, price, etc.
  • Sort listings by your location
  • View merchants on the map
  • View merchants and add them to your favorite lists
  • Scan QR code to verify merchants and get a discount


The client came to us with the request to improve the overall state of the marketplace, reorganize the database structure, and optimize the architecture. The major problem was that it is not scalable and overcomplicated. Adding new functionality to the current solutions will only make the architecture more complex, which will result in worse quality and additional spendings. The other challenges were:

  • A lot of code was copied from one server to another instead of being reused
  • Change of the server logic would take a lot of time and resources
  • Impossibility to make any structural changes to the database


The platform is already in production and has a large number of active users. Our main task was to minimize the risks, improve the project and add new features when maintaining its proper functioning.

Apiko team has created the following long-term development plan aimed at consequent project optimization.

  • Change project architecture
  • Merge two servers with similar functionality to a single one (Web+mobile server)
  • Make the backend functionality reusable for web platform and mobile client
  • Make refactoring of the implemented solutions
  • Extend the platform with new features

Technology stack



Apiko team has helped to develop a scalable online food marketplace, optimized its architecture, and improved the overall project’s performance.

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