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Project management software for teams

Country: New York, USA

Scope of Work: Frontend, backend, web and desktop app development


Project story

It all started with the idea of founders to change the way companies manage their projects. Most of the businesses switch between different tools and platforms wasting their time and efforts. The goal was to develop all-in-one project management app with all the necessary features for successful project management.


Our clients came to us with Minimum Viable Product that has already received first investments and users. However, the platform was built with the outdated technologies (old Meteor version, ES 5, without modularity, etc. ) which significantly affected its performance. Our tasks were:

  1. Rewrite project management software with new Meteor version, ES 6, modular structure and more maintainable architecture
  2. Optimize and improve its efficiency
  3. Extend the functionality and add various integrations

Technology Stack


Together with the Hive team we did our best to develop one-in-one platform for both big enterprises and small companies. It offers all the necessary tools for managing projects, planning, communication, keeping track of the analytics, and storing important files. Hive also has over 100 integrations, simple drag and drop functionality, and customizable design to maintain the unique style of your company.

Main functionality

1. Project Management

todo list icon
To do lists
You can create actions for yourself and your team, keep them organized with labels, attachments, and deadlines.
star icon
Status View
Easily control and change the status of your actions.
route icon
Gantt Chart
Lay out all the steps towards your goal with Gantt Chart.
label view icon
Label view
See actions organized by tag
price tag icon
Kanban view
See actions organized as labels
team icon
Team view
List of what team is currently working on

2. Team Communication

folder icon
Organize all your messages in groups, and forget about sorting out a bunch of letters.
paper-plane icon
Direct Messages
Communicate privately with right people.
updating file icon
Automatic Updates
Now all the messages from the tools you use can be integrated in Hive! Be always available!

3. Access to All Your Files and Folders

uploading file icon
Drag and drop files
Access all your files from your Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive accounts, drag and drop them into messages and attach files to actions.

4. Simple Workflow

Hive action templates
Automatically assign tasks the same way every time.

5. Tasks importing

import icon
Hive is integrated with Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and even more!
No need to start everything from scratch. Just import all your tasks from the tools you use.

The most challenging things during the development were

Gantt chart optimization
(display of 6000+ tasks on one page simultaneously)
Projects and summary views export to Excel
Calendar export to PNG

Usually, external sources (paid, as a rule) are used for the files export. However, we decided to develop it by our own and сame up trumps.

Main integrations



Google Drive







In order to make a project management easier, we have integrated the following analytics:






We are proud to say that Hive has achieved the amazing results! It`s a great honor for us to be a part of Hive team and share their success!

Recently raised $5.6m of investment
Includes integrations with more than 100 applications
Provides better alternative to Trello, Asana, and Smartsheet
Trusted by Leading Companies

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