a GUI mockup/prototype design tool (MVP)

Technology stack

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meteor-platform, coffeescript, twbs:bootstrap, iron:router, reactive-var, ian:accounts-ui-bootstrap-3, audit-argument-checks, reywood:publish-composite, cfs:standard-packages, cfs:gridfs, sacha:spin, accounts-password, linto:jquery-ui, cfs:graphicsmagick, workman:templating-ext, trsdln:dragable-window, mousetrap:mousetrap, manuel:reactivearray, momentjs:moment, fortawesome:fontawesome, mystor:device-detection, robodo:async, markdown, jonblum:jquery-cropper, nimble:restivus, matb33:collection-hooks, less, okgrow:iron-router-autoscroll, zimme:active-route


MVP in 1 month.

About the project

LeanLanes is a web-bases GUI prototyping tool that's available for all platforms. With LeanLanes user can create a complex prototype or a user-story for the mobile application based on reusable graphic components.


Leanlines project grid

Grid is the most important part of the app - it stores all graphic components that can be combined. For the sake of the UX those components can be reordered by a simple dragging. Also there is a slider to scale the workspace.

Smart grid

Leanlines project smart grid Leanlines project smart grid

All components or cells are highly customizable. User can change their position, name, scale parameters.


Leanlines project presenter screen Leanlines project presenter screen

Presenter is a powerful tool that allows to see components in action by creating a simple routing between them. User can change the resolution of the emulator on fly.

What client say

Personal photo of Markus Smet

Markus Smet

Their ability to understand the problem, translate it into a meaningful solution, and build it in hours was exceptional.