Country: USA

Scope of Work: Concept development, mobile app development, mobile UX/UI design



Markid is designed by parents who know better than anyone about the needs and problems of modern families with children.

The main idea of Ankur and Devyani was to create a community for parents, where they can not only buy and sell the kids’ items but also donate a portion from their revenue to schools in need.

For this, Markid has partnered with DonorsChoose - a nonprofit organization that connects donors who want to help with teachers in high-need communities.


Develop an MVP version of buy and sell marketplace for kids’ items. We’ve started with concept development- an essential stage in the software development cycle where we help clients study their target audience, test their value proposition and idea before releasing a product.

Our tasks

  • Create a list of functional and non-functional requirements
  • Design a user flow
  • Create prototypes
  • Prepare presentation materials for investors

Main marketplace features

We helped to deliver the following features in Markid:

For sellers

Upload items for sale

Click and upload your kids’ items in a snap

Become a member of community

Join a community of sellers and parents

Make donation

Donate a portion from your sale to schools with high economic needs

Get notifications

Get push notifications when a buyer sends an offer

For buyers


Search for items you need

Bookmark items

Save your favorite items

Bookmark sellers

Follow your favorite sellers and stay tuned for their updates


Chat with a seller securely

Get notifications

Get push notifications about accepted/declined offers and purchases

Leave review

Leave feedback about the seller

Main integrations

Main integrations

Technology Stack


Apiko has developed a mobile marketplace to sell and shop kids’ preloved items and donate money to schools in need. We focused on making Markid app simple and intuitive to let parents buy easily and give generously.

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