Platform for food services marketplace

Country: USA
Scope of Work: mobile app development, frontend, backend, UI/UX

About project

A web application is a food marketplace platform for all types of places including restaurants, cafes, pubs, diners, drive-ins and others. It’s a fast and easy way to find as spot to eat at near your location, order a delivery or book a table.

Business Challenge

A Client has applied to Apiko Team to design and develop an open and participative web application for facility owners and their customers. It lets facility owners to collect feedback about the emotions their services awake, and to learn more about the overall clients’ experience. Such information from visitors allows to improve the quality of provided services. In their turn, the clients are rewarded for spending their time on a feedback with getting involved into customer loyalty programs.

Main features

Create a provider’s profile

  • Add provider’s contact information
  • Add a description of provided food services
  • Receive client’s feedback about the provided services
  • Receive feedback about the averaged emotions a client has experienced at a particular food place (integration with Watson API to analyze different words and word combinations that express emotions)

Create new visitor’s profile

  • Search the food places by the keywords and location
  • Check the contact information of a food place
    • Rewrite it with new Meteor version, ES 6, modular structure and more maintainable architecture
    • Optimize and improve its efficiency
    • Extend the functionality and add various integrations
  • Order food delivery
  • Make a table reservation
  • Share your impressions of a chosen food and services
  • Share your emotions awoken with the food, service and cost (5-levels scale)
  • Get involved in customer loyalty programs
  • Save order history to quickly reorder food from a location you liked

What our clients say

Long-standing relationships with our customers - this is what we strive for.
Your success is our motivation.

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