Reputation Beacon

A mobile app that tracks online reviews

Country: USA

Scope of Work: mobile app development from scratch, frontend, backend


Project Story

A client has requested a mobile app which could automate the process of customer reviews analysis. It allows to collect all reviews for a company, person or service from different websites, social media and other web resources in one app and make an overall analysis. In case a negative review is received, the immediate action can be taken to investigate it and solve the spotted issue.


In order to build a marketplace that creates exchange spaces, let’s think out your positioning, embrace business model, measure risks, and finally, define product roadmap, initiatives, and milestones. We create a specified product requirements document.

Apiko team was requested to create an online reputation management app from the scratch (front-end and back-end development). We were responsible for:

  1. Frontend, backend development
  2. Creation of functionality which works in an offline mode
  3. Data collecting/harvesting mechanism development
  4. 3rd party services API integrations
  5. Authorization via social media
  6. Data visualization features (statistical dashboard)

Technology Stack


Reputation management app which functions in offline mode and integrates with business accreditation and rating web services (for the most part), and social media.

1. Main functionality:

  • Integration with the websites/services where the company has its profile or is enlisted
    (Angie’s list, Facebook, Google My BuBusiness Bureau, HomeAdvisor)
  • Collecting the reviews from social media profiles
  • Storing the reviews
  • Push and email notifications about receiving a new review
  • Dashboard that shows ratings statistics
  • App is offline-first

The most challenging things during the app development were:

Creation of the web harvesting/ customer reviews data collection mechanism. Due to the API and its documentation absense orincompleteness, we had to use data harvesting tools. It’s a known fact, that they simply stop working or return incorrect data. The reason lies in page’s structure, URL, or any technical, even the smallest, alteration service you need to integrate with doesn’t provide developers with public API or it’s not complete or absent.

Main integrations

facebook icon
Facebook authorization
YIntegration of the app with company’s Facebook profile page.
better business bureau icon
Better Business Bureau
Business accreditation and rating service.
Angie’s List icon
Integration with Angie’s List reviews data
Home services website
Google My Business icon
Google My Business customer feedback data integration
HomeAdvisor icon
HomeAdvisor rating information collection
Website and mobile app provider that offers free tools and resources for home improvement, repair and maintenance projects


We helped the client to produce customer reviews management mobile project, that allows to gather feedback data from such sources, as Facebook, Google, Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor and Angie’s List. Reputation Beacon app makes it easy to keep track of all company’s feedback.

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