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Open-source personal finance management app

Scope of Work: frontend, backend, front-end UI, IOS/Android mobile app


Perfi is an open-source React Native based application developed by Apiko. Its main goal is to help you manage your invoices and expenses from multiple sources of transactions.

Technology Stack

The main functionality:

There are five major items for quick and effective personal finance track-down

  • Transactions

    Add your transactions by indicating only most necessary information: amount, account, category, and date.

  • Accounts

    There is no option to connect your banking account, so this item is perfect for just tracking your transactions activity.

  • Categories

    Divide your expenses into different categories such as bills, car, communication, eating out, health, etc. and add your own ones.

Personal finance appPersonal finance app
  • Trends

    Track the dynamics of your incomes and expenses.

  • Settings
  • Creating custom transactions with notes and details

    Customize your transaction categories and add notes if necessary.

Personal finance appPersonal finance app
  • Transactions creating and sorting

    Sort your transactions by date, time, category, and account.

  • Money transfer between accounts

    Transfer your savings between the accounts and see the results instantly.

  • Embedded calculator right in the process of transaction creation
Personal finance appPersonal finance app


Apiko Team has designed sophisticated and intuitive financial mobile application to take control on personal incomes and spendings.

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