Country: Australia

Scope of Work: web application (Meteor + Blaze + React), mobile application (Cordova)



Are you a restaurant owner, chef, or front house team member? Only imagine how you can increase the work efficiency with an advanced hospitality management solution. That was the idea our Client came up with. A main goal was to create a complex management software, that will save time and money of all people who are involved in restaurant business.

Technology stack

Meteor, Blaze, and React.js were used for web application development
Cordova was used for mobile application development

Major functionality

Restaurant staff scheduling

Scheduling employees in the restaurant will become easier with fast drag and drop rosters and templates. Here is what you can do:

  • Сreate weekly and daily rosters
  • Import sales
  • Send in-app and e-mail notifications to the staff
  • Add, manage, and change shifts
  • Create “open shifts” to discuss them with staff
Stock control and supplier management

Manage the inventory in a restaurant, keep track of the supplier prices and invoices, monitor the stock, and boost your profit with the following features:

  • Order lists generation for suppliers
  • Sending emails with orders to suppliers
  • Invoice upload and sync with accounts system
  • Items tracking
  • Ordering based on sales forecast
Menu management

Control the cost, quality, and availability of menu items with the MenuRank algorithm that allows you to:

  • Add and manage all menu items
  • Know the real price of your menu items with food and labor costs
  • Manage preparation lists
  • Communicate with your team by setting tasks and leaving comments
  • Create “open shifts” to discuss them with staff

Stay on the same page with your staff and ensure that business communication is kept in one place with the following features:

  • Tasks assignment
  • Newsfeed
  • Shift panel, where team can see their next shifts, accept or claim them
    Clocking in and out
Sales forecasting

Reduce wastage, optimize your sales, and never miss a profit opportunity with an in-built algorithm that helps you to:

  • See how busy you will be with advanced forecast
  • Estimate how many items you are able to sell each day
  • Properly plan your prep & stock
Reporting and metrics

Receive clear and detailed reports about your restaurant performance and see what can be improved.

  • Track team hours in real-time
  • Track the profit of each menu item with Menu Rank feature
  • Stock report, where you can list all items, their quantity
    and purchase price


Point of Sales (POS)
Cloud Prediction API
Point of Sales (POS)
Google Calendar
Filestack: End User
Content Management API
GMail, Outlook, O365


All-in-one restaurant management software, that helps restaurant owners, chefs, and managers optimize their work, plan things ahead, analyze reports, and boost the overall profit of the restaurant.

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