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About the project

Tagpost is a platform that allows users to observe thematic social reactions that contain graphic content. As a user you'll have a personal search bots that will grab a relevant content from the social networks like Twitter or Instagram and save it into collections.

Search filter

Tagpost project search filter

Search bots are configurable so you can tell them what to search and what not to, where to search and how to group the results. The bot is smart enough to calculate an approximate amount of material via external APIs.

Even better filter

Tagpost project filter

Let's assume that the user want to observe the #IceBucketChallange event within the special location range - Isle of Dogs, London. Why not? We can do it!

Group results by boards

Tagpost project boards

We used Pinterest's approach to group photos. Each board contains all the material found by the particular search bot as well as all the bot's configuration.

Discover social reactions

Tagpost project

On the board page user can view all images that were found by the search bot. He can like, share, report abuse or remove some of them. Likes are synchronised with social networks (Twitter or Instagram).

Group tags by categories

Tagpost project group tags

Tags can be grouped into the categories. There is a special tags editor with drag'n'drop functionality to ensure better UX.

Collections management tool

Tagpost collection management

We've created a complex admin panel that generates automatically from a schema. This happened to be the most functional admin dashboard for Meteor.js.

Even more, there is a whole system for internal messaging. You can pick any user and start public or private conversation with him. You can invite other users to join the public conversation. As an administrator you can system notifications. Pretty handy, isn't it?

What client say

Personal photo of Andrew Wilkin

Andrew Wilkin, Entrepreneur

I have been very impressed with their ability to communicate, prioritise and their expertise in using the Meteor framework. It has been a pleasure to work with Nick and his team, and they have adapted to the way I wanted to work. I will certainly be hiring them again for their expertise in JavaScript / CSS / HTML5 and of course the Meteor framework.