Country: USA

Scope of Work: Android/ iOS mobile app development


Don't let the distance worsen your relationship with clients.

Mergein is a video streaming app that connects sales associates, support departments, and service providers with their consumers all around the world


Apiko dedicated development team had to develop a video streaming mobile application with Cordova that supports such platforms: browsers on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android / iOS mobile applications and mobile browsers

Our tasks:

  • Develop Android / iOS mobile app

  • Integrate the following platforms: Twilio, Stripe, and TaxJar


We helped to deliver the following features in Mergein:

For businesses

For businesses

  • Create a business profile

    Create a business account and choose a search category from the database

  • 02
  • Grow your network

    Add your employees, representatives, and departments to this account

  • 03
  • Start communication

    Communicate with consumers via voice/audio calls or text messaging, send bills, place orders, arrange shipping, resolve different issues, etc

  • 04
  • Connect with your customers

    Place a Mergein link on your website and instantly connect with your customers, no matter where they are

For consumers

For consumers

  • Sign up

    Create a free account and add your favorite brick-and-mortar and online businesses

  • 02
  • Use advanced search

    Search for shops from your favorite categories by item, location and get in touch with their sales representatives.

  • 03
  • Communicate with your favorite vendors

    Chat with them directly via video or messaging chat

  • 04
  • Make orders

    Place orders and arrange shipping of the products you need

Main integrations

MergeIn app includes integrations with the following services:

Technology Stack


Mergein is a video streaming app that connects sales associates with customers and helps to boost online sales

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