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Stages of software development

We offer you to move through the 5 stages of marketplace app development which will result in the scalable cross-platform product

  • Stage 1Concept Development
  • Stage 2UI/UX development
  • Stage 3Web, mobile app development
  • Stage 4Quality assistance
  • Stage 5Application support
  • Stage 1
    Concept Development
    Iteration #1 Product analysis

    Before proceeding with your product development, first Apiko Team investigates and study

    • Product goals and requirements
    • Value proposition (your customers’ pains/problems)
    • Buyer personas, customer behavior analysis

    Apiko Business Analyst conducts direct, so-called ping-pong communication with you to picture the business logic and define the scope of work.

    Iteration #2 Wireframes & Prototyping

    Apiko UI/UX Designer and Business Analyst work together on your product wireframes. Wireframing allows

    • to define the hierarchy of your product’s navigation and design, which makes it visually easier to plan out how you’d like
      your information represented
    • to pay attention to User Experience features
    • to figure out what web pages and functionality should be reproduced in brand new design and what functionality
      should be completely reconsidered
    The result of concept development stage
    • Fully-developed business logic, value proposition
    • A package of wireframes
    • A list of project requirements
    Approximate time: from 40 hours
  • Stage 2
    UI/UX development
    Iteration #3 Brand identity

    When the business logic and wireframes are delivered, Apiko UI/UX designer starts working on your brand identity.
    We design your logo and color scheme, and icons - everything to express your business idea and message to your customers.

    Iteration #4 UX design

    We conduct various UX methods and techniques to provide your customers with a clear vision of your product and its usage simplicity.

    Iteration #5 UI design

    We design user interface for your web and mobile application. We do our best to adopt simplicity, intuitiveness into your app that is based on your existing analytics data like conversion rate, app pages analysis.

    The result of UI/UX development stage
    • Modern and sophisticated brand identity
    • UI/UX design of your application in Invision
      that will be ready for next development stage
    Approximate time: from 80 hours
  • Stage 3
    Web, mobile app development

    After a circumspect product concept has been developed, the technology stack is defined, our Technical Team builds your website or mobile application architecture. The process of development is usually divided into milestones (2-week sprints). The Stakeholder will be provided with the time tracking reports to check out the productivity of each team member.

    Speaking of communication: Apiko Tech Team holds daily scrum meetings, the Stakeholder joins the meeting at their desire; also the Tech Team holds Demo Calls on every milestone and delivered values.
    The Stakeholder will be provided with the time tracking reports to check out the productivity of each team member.

    The result of web and mobile app development
    • Project architecture development
    • Thoroughly developed product features and functionality
  • Stage 4
    Quality assistance
    • Manual testing
    • Automated testing

    More info on QA and testing

  • Stage 5
    Web, mobile application support

    We, at Apiko, feel empathy for our each client, that is why we provide customer support for each project type.

    • For an MVP-type project, you may be sure to get 3-month project support to fix minor application issues and bugs after
      the project is launched.
    • Companies, which raised a new round of investment or consider to extend existing app functionality, may rely on Apiko
      further support. We develop your next project iterations, milestones.

How Apiko stands out

  • You get a custom, on-demand development of your web & mobile app.
  • We remove the fear of not getting your marketplace released. We build customer's solution iteratively: define and deliver MVP
    to get your clients feedback and figure out the further development milestones.
  • You get full-cycle development services. From the beginning to the final release. We can advise you on the project's concept,
    its business model, possible ways to expand and make more money, how and where to engage with your niche customers.

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