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Web & Mobile Application Development

Do you have a list of brilliant mobile and web application ideas for your business but don’t know how to breathe life into them?

Apiko team can help you make your endeavors real

How Apiko Team
builds your web and mobile app

Business Idea Development
Let’s be partners in developing your business idea and product concept. We help you design a product vision from your inspired idea to a well-thought-out application. Apiko Business Analyst and Tech Lead will develop your product roadmap with a real market fit.
Building the Product Architecture
After a circumspect product concept has been developed, the technology stack is defined and our Technical Team builds your website or mobile application architecture. We set the priority for product scalability and flexibility.
Prototyping, UI/UX Design
Apiko outsourced UI/UX design professional develops an effective and intuitive user interface following the modern trends and industry’s peculiarities. We strike a balance between your business demands and end user expectations to work out a perfect product formula.
Product Development
We have considerable expertise in ReactJS, React Native, MeteorJS, MongoDB, NodeJS, and other technologies to provide you with the scalable, intuitive, and secured web and mobile product development.
Support & Consulting
You may entrust us your product lifecycle support, further integrations, and improvements on a long-term basis. We take proactive approach to providing continuous delivery across all aspects of your product.

Why you should build your
web & mobile app with Apiko

We take religious
care of your product
We adopt agility
and proactive approach
We are excellent
at meeting deadlines

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Our portfolio

We deliver advanced, all-in-one solutions to meet all customer’s requirements and expectations.
Check out a few of our recent projects.

Project management software for teams

Scope of work:Frontend, backend, web and desktop app development

Technologies:MeteorJS, GraphQL, Blaze, MongoDB, Modernizr

Raised $6.1M

Healthcare real-time mobile app

Scope of work:Mobile app development, frontend, backend, UI/UX

Technologies:Node.js, React Native, WebRTC, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Peer-to-peer (P2P) event management marketplace

Scope of work:Frontend, backend, Android mobile app

Technologies:MeteorJS, Express.js, Android, MongoDB, Blaze, Ramda

Work order management application

Scope of work:Web & mobile app development, frontend, backend, chatbot development

Technologies:GraphQL, Apollo, React.js, React Native

B2B food marketplace development

Scope of work:Frontend, front-end UI, backend & responsive website development

Technologies:React.js, Meteor.js, MongoDB, Blaze

Plio: on-demand compliance management application

Scope of work:Frontend, backend, responsive design

Technologies:Meteor.js, React.js, MongoDB, Redux, Ramda, ES6, Blaze

Class management and booking app for parents and children

Scope of work:Backend API, web application, mobile application

Technologies:React.js, React Native, Express.js, MongoDB

Open-source personal finance management app

Scope of work:Frontend, backend, front-end UI, IOS/Android mobile app

Technologies:React.js, Android, Redux, React Native, ES6, iOS

Itsme: Social media profile sharing app

Scope of work:UX/UI design, iOS and Android app development

Technologies:Express.js, React Native

Technologies We Are Passionate About

Our development techniques, methodologies, and wide range of technologies are our alter ego.
This is so much more than our job.

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Our goal is the fruitful and long-standing relationships with our customers.
That is why we build products thoroughly to meet all your demands and fulfil all requirements.

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