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Benefits for business owners. Why to invest in e-learning platform

E-learning is a brand new way to imbibe knowledge these days. Online learning platforms are emerging with the lightning speed changing our vision of education. Want to create your own e-learning marketplace where people can share their knowledge with others? Here is why you are on the right way:

The Global E-Learning Market is poised to grow at around 7.2% over to reach approximately $325 billion by 2025

According to Imod education, at least 50% of all classes will be delivered online by 2019

Learning management systems have become the useful tools for companies or employee training

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Business model development
step 1

Whether it's b2b, b2c, or с2с online education platform, we know how to make it flourish. Our team will help you to create a captivating business model for your marketplace.

MVP development
step 2

Jump-start your project by developing an MVP - a Minimum Viable Product, that will help you to test your product with the target audience. Learn your users needs and gather the first feedbacks about your e-learning app within only 4 weeks.

step 3
Integration development

To make your e-learning marketplace user-friendly, we enrich it with must-have third-party integrations. Give your users what they need most and enjoy the outcome.

E-learning management platform features:

Social network
Web & mobile
UX/UI design
Chat &
group creation
Activity report &
Schedule &

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Our portfolio

We deliver advanced, all-in-one solutions to meet all customer’s requirements and expectations.
Check out a few of our recent projects.

Raised $4M
project management app development

Project management software for teams

Country: New York, USA

Scope of Work: Frontend, backend for web application

Result: We are proud to say that Hive has achieved the amazing results - raised $4 million investment! It's a great honor for us to be a part of Hive team and share their success! Apiko team keeps collaborating with Hive and together we aim for new achievements.

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Collaborative software tool, compliance management, lean management principles, business regulation software, document management tool, non-conformity management, risk management software, workflow management

Compliance management platform

Country: UK

Scope of Work: Frontend & backend for web solution, iOS & Android mobile app

Result: Apiko team has developed a modern commercially successful web and mobile applications.

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food marketplace application screen

B2B food marketplace platform

Country: Denmark, Germany

Scope of Work: Frontend, front-end UI, backend & responsive website development

Result: Our Team developed an advanced B2B food marketplace platform to let producers distribute the necessary product information as well as collaborate with their customers in a transparent and comprehensive way.

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food marketplace application screen

Hot Spots Event Management Platform

Country: USA

Scope of Work: Frontend, front-end UI, backend, iOS mobile app, Android mobile app.

Result: Our client received an event planning application for both iOS and Android. It has all the necessary functionality for the release and promotion.

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experitix application screen

Cloud-Based Platform For Scheduling Events & Managing Ticket Sales

Country: USA

Scope of Work: Frontend, front-end UI, backend, iOS mobile app, Android mobile app.

Result: Developed fully functional platform for scheduling, event management, payments, and reporting that can be used in any industry.

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