GraphQL API development and integration.

Improve your app’s performance and scalability with GraphQL - an innovative query language for APIs.


Why is GraphQL an exceptional technology?

GraphQL is a Facebook-developed query language for APIs, created in far 2012 but released in 2015. GraphQL is considered to be a completely new way of API building and organization. It is primarily aimed to deal with the REST limitations. Among GraphQL users are GitHub, Twitter, Pinterest and others.

A new way of data fetching from server to client.
You request any kind of data (in any amount) and receive the results at once in whatever shape you need.

App’s performance and functionality.
GraphQL allows you to load only the data you need. This reduces the load on your app and make the process less resources-consumable

Adjustable technology.
Use GraphQL with others technologies implemented in your project: REST, databases, SOAP to make API structure more unified.

What are the benefits using GraphQL for the marketplace development?

Need to provide API endpoint for multiple apps
GraphQL is perfect for being an intermediary for multiple clients as it has libraries for most of the platforms. Even if there is no possibility or desire to use a client library you can just POST some JSON and it works! client library you can just POST some JSON and it works!
GraphQL is easy to scale and split into microservices
As each of the resolvers is independent, you can easily host some of your apps as a serverless function or even separate service with different stack and hardware resources.
Together with such libraries as Apollo GraphQL rocks in building API
When writing REST server from the ground you can easily mess up with the architecture and have troubles in making it fly in the future. This particularly relates to the controller level of your application.
Awesome client-side infrastructure
You can really enjoy using GraphQL on the client. The client app can easily define data it needs in a human-readable way. There is no redundant information transferring, which means less traffic use and faster load time.
As an app grows, auto-tests are essential for facilitating changes and improving the codebase. Since there are resolvers in the form of pure functions at the core of GraphQL architecture, testing them is a pure delight!
We love GraphQL. And definitely have some perks to show you.
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