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MeteorJS application development

Speed and quality of development - this is what matters first in startup success.

Choosing Meteor for your application will help you to build a powerful and speedy product.

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MeteorJS advantages for your product

Meteor JS is a development framework with extended functionality and full-stack characteristics. Simplicity, support, real-time testing tool, debugging, and fast client-server communication - this is all about Meteor.

Meteor is great choice for building an MVP and prototyping, as it uses one language on the backend and frontend

Hybrid cross-platform development - the same code is used for web, iOS, Android, or desktop.

Meteor refreshes the data right in the browser without sending requests to the database. This makes Meteor reactive and suitable for real-time, collaborative applications.

Meteor insights

Meteor 1.6. Review: Benefits, Issues, and Examples
Meteor 1.6. is already here. Apiko team has tested it on practice and now we want to share these findings with you.Let's dive right in!
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List of Meteor JS Apps and Source Code Examples
We have gathered a small list of applications whose founders chose Meteor. You can test these applications, and in some cases even check out their open source code.
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