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Neo4j overview

Neo4j is a GraphQL powered database that leverages the world of connections - a core of high-performance projects.

Neo4j is designed to analyze and store the networks of connected data. It easily depicts the entities of the database and relationships they are connected with.

Neo4j stores data in the form of graphs. It helps to sustain a high performance of the application, even with the high number of relationships.

If you have a project that is about to process a large amount of connected data, Neo4j is a right way to go.

Neo4j benefits

Facilitates high performance of projects with a huge amount of connected data
Provides big data insights and analyzes relationships between data points
Gives a capability to collect statistical analytics about the data and understand how these data are related
Allows to merge interconnected data from different sources
Reflects and visualizes graph structure of data entities
Gives you a full insight into how the data are related

Neo4j use cases

What Neo4j is most suitable for:

  • list
    Real-time recommendations
    The main task of recommendation engines is to interconnect and analyze data. With Neo4j you will get insights into how your data are related, which will help you to prototype new search algorithms.
  • share
    Social networks
    Neo4j uses a query language “cypher” that helps to store users' information and link relationships between them. It reflects real-world graph structure of data entities and relationships, which makes it perfect for different types of social networks.
  • search
    Contextual search
    Neo4j can make the search on your platform more advanced, as it shines at merging data from different sources and analyzing connections between the chunks of data.
  • flag
    Fraud detection
    Neo4j uncovers the connections between individual data points, making it easy to detect fraud rings in real time.
  • server
    Data analytics
    Leverage the meaning of each data chunk your platform processes. With the help of graph analytics, you get value from large volumes of interconnected data by studying their individual elements.

Who uses Neo4j

Here are some of the companies that have chosen Neo4j

Uses Neo4j for an internal data portal to search in real time and guide users to the information they need.
Uses Neo4j for an app on Google Assistant to provide a conversational shopping scenario.
Uses Neo4j to manage a huge amount of data and reveil modelled dependencies between it.

Software development workflow at Apiko

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Stage 1

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  • Project estimation
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  • Brand identity
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Stage 3

Technical development

  • Product roadmap
  • Project architecture
  • Web & mobile app development itself
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Stage 4

Quality assistance

  • Automated testing
  • Manual testing
  • Lifecycle testing
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Stage 5

Business platform support

  • Maintenance
  • Continuous development
  • Long-time partnership
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