4 Powerful Reasons to Migrate to React Native or Add React Native to the Existing Native Project [PDF]

4 Powerful Reasons to Migrate to React Native or Add React Native to the Existing Native Project [PDF]

What are the powerful reasons to migrate your digital product to React Native? Or should you just add React Native to the existing project created with native languages? We’ve prepared an eBook on 4 powerful reasons why you might want to move/rewrite your product to React Native or include this framework in your app’s present stack. The current technology can bring real benefits to your business and save your costs. Here’s a small price-list included in this eBook too, which shows how using React Native can help you visualize product development plan more wisely.

In this 8-pager, you'll find 4 highlighted key reasons to migrate to React Native. Among them are:

  • React Native in the scope of technological trends. According to the latest JavaScript stats, React Native might lead the way together with the native development or even outperform native technologies in some ways, in the nearest future. This might be a weighty trigger to think about the ways to migrate to React Native right now.

  • The very reasons to rewrite the app to the current technology. You can find here real-life examples when you might need the migration to React Native and when you can add react native to the existing native project.

  • Issues you can face during the rewriting process. Common troubles and difficulties during the process of rewriting and/or merging with the native code unveiled. Here you can also look through the recommendations to enhance React Native development workflow and the tools that assist you with it.

  • Small price-list that demonstrates how you can save money and time with React Native in your stack. This information will also help you forecast your spendings more clearly

In this eBook we’ve aimed to highlight the important key points to rewrite/ migrate your project to React Native or add this platform to the native project. We hope that by downloading this ePaper you’ll find it handy to give React Native a try.