SaaS App Development

Transform your legacy software to build new digital capabilities. Align applications with the latest goals and processes of your business.

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Transform your business with the help of expert SaaS development services. This is the new age of subscription-based, easy-access, and cost-effective approach to software development. Apiko team can help your business solve any SaaS-related challenge, from building custom solutions to 3rd party integrations.

Build a SaaS product from scratch
Transform your app into SaaS
Enhance an existing SaaS product
Data migration to the cloud
Integration with 3rd-party services

SaaS app development services

Build innovative digital solutions with your unique business needs and requirements at the core. With our custom software development services, create SaaS products that exceed your customer’s expectations, empower teams, and help your business scale.

  • SaaS consulting

    Cooperating closely with our clients, we elicit requirements essential for the SaaS product development and create the roadmap that addresses their individual business pain points and translates the client’s vision into a competitive solution.

  • SaaS prototyping and design

    To test concepts and usability before investing any significant amount of money into SaaS product development, we develop wireframes/prototypes that will allow you to find any gaps in your product concept and further improve user flows. Software design is also an integral part of software development that ensures smart UIs built upon smooth and intuitive user experiences.

  • SaaS application development

    Create secure, scalable, and user-centric SaaS applications with reliable cloud infrastructures as their foundation. Extend functionality for your new or existing app with third-party tools, customized features, and integration strategies. Receive further SaaS products optimization through regular maintenance and support.

  • SaaS application quality assurance

    Testing as a part of the quality assurance process is fundamental to guarantee the product’s excellent performance and smooth functionality. We ensure you end up with a properly functioning product by applying testing on each level of the software development life cycle and paying great attention to every detail of your SaaS project.

  • Migration to SaaS

    SaaS infrastructure should be cloud-based to provide the required scalability, cost effectiveness, and ease of support. Our team can migrate your on-premises system to a SaaS environment or change the technology stack of your existing product to enhance its performance without the risk of data loss. We can also ensure your business systems are smoothly integrated with the migrated app, enhancing efficiency of your business processes.


Enterprise transformation success: a shipping container manufacturer’s case


SaaS for manufacturing company

Customer is the multi-module enterprise management suite to make industrial manufacturing safer, easily monitored, and more productive.

Value impact

From weeks down to minutes, our manufacturing process management software redefines how Conexwest manages tasks, amplifying productivity through data-backed choices and efficient resource management.

Case study

Create scalable SaaS solutions

Satisfy the business needs of your users by building highly-functional, customized and secure SaaS products that will help them effectively handle essential operations and successfully reach main goals. Achieve the best results with:

  • You can build a SaaS product using a multi-tenant architecture to enable adding multiple business users over a shared backend. Let your multiple clients use shared resources and services in a single database without compromising security and convenience, thus reducing development and maintenance costs.

  • During the SaaS development process, we can extend the functionality of your application by integrating on-premises backend systems, such as databases, as well as external digital services, platforms, and interfaces, such as payment gateways and subscription management tools. We can develop custom integration modules or use ready APIs to ensure smooth connectivity between a SaaS product and other services and data sources.

  • Our DevOps engineers automate routine operational tasks of software development, set up standardized environments and monitor their performance relying on configuration management, CI/CD best practices, and multi-region deployment strategies. Not only does it speed up the development process, but also the IT services become much more resilient, resulting in faster ROI and fewer disruptions to business operations.

Software development solutions for your industry

With our extensive technical experience, in-depth knowledge of the industries, and proven track record, you can rely on Apiko as a trusted outsourcing partner for the successful realization of your project goals.


SaaS Accounting Software: A Case Study

Client A. Anthony Corp

A. Anthony Corp, led by founder Anthony Serdula, boasts 20+ years of expertise in facility management. Their focus on optimizing building operations allows clients to prioritize core competencies.

The solution

We developed an enterprise facility management app transforming how A. Anthony Corp's clients manage operations. This embedded SaaS accounting software streamlines workflows, simplifies maintenance, and boosts overall efficiency.

Accounting module

Recognizing the limitations of existing solutions like Xero, we crafted a bespoke accounting module. It empowers businesses to process invoices accurately and generate custom reports beyond off-the-shelf options.


Invoices handling

Client Sales Report

Double Entry Accounting

Profit & Loss (P&L) Report

Balance Sheet

General Ledger

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Work in Progress Report

Financial Year Closing

SaaS manufacturing production app


We needed a tool to help us track tasks in business, assign them to employees, and see how much work they do. We hired Apiko to build a heavily tailored solution, as no solution available on the market could meet our business needs.

Value delivery

Under the banner of, we have achieved a remarkable milestone: reducing worker turnover time down to the minute. This precision has revolutionized the way work is completed, allowing us to optimize every action to create a symphony of success.


Apiko is a valuable long-term partner for enterprise digital transformation. Their dedication and commitment to our project result in high-quality of their work. The developers they employ are true professionals who work quickly and efficiently to meet our requirements. They always find needed resources and solutions to satisfy any arising needs of the project.

We’ve achieved a ton of progress working together.

Our SaaS development tech stack

By utilizing a number of frontend, backend, DevOps, infrastructure and database technologies, Apiko delivers comprehensive and competitive SaaS solutions customized precisely to meet our clients’ exact requirements.

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SaaS development team

Hire a talented, passionate and transparent team to build your product. For successful SaaS application development, one basically needs the same team as for any other software development project to address all the requirements and challenges of your business.

Business Analyst
Project manager
UI/UX designer
QA engineers
DevOps engineers

Advantages of SaaS

Move your business to the cloud to tap into the main benefits of a SaaS architecture for both users and business owners

Cost efficiency

SaaS provides considerable cost savings because it is completely cloud-based and requires no upfront hardware costs. The following architecture allows business owners to pay only for the amount of data used and eliminates the need to own a demanding on-premise data center. This can attract a larger potential customer base due to the flexible payments such as subscription.

Speed and accessibility

The deployment of applications is now easier than ever. Cloud applications can be deployed much faster, thus reducing your SaaS product’s time-to-market. Also, SaaS development offers great accessibility for customers to reach your service from any internet-connected device hassle-free.


A SaaS business model allows you to easily scale a solution and extend its functionality to accommodate your business changing needs. It offers the flexibility to edit or update code to integrate new tools or add innovative functions so that users can easily get regular, instant updates and new features.

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Questions you may have

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What are the advantages of SaaS solutions?

SaaS users don’t need to install, maintain, or update the app. Since you only need an internet connection to access an app, SaaS solutions are easy to implement and don’t need expensive hardware. SaaS application development is an excellent decision for businesses in search of a flexible, scalable, and hassle-free product.

How much does outsourcing of SaaS development cost?

The precise costs of SaaS development services can vary depending on the scale and complexity of the project. If you want to outsource SaaS product development, contact us to get detailed estimates.

How to choose the right SaaS development vendor?

Look for a vendor that is familiar with your industry, has a solid portfolio of similar projects, and maintains positive and long-lasting partnerships with its clients. Achieving success in SaaS product development relies on a harmonious balance between technical expertise and a genuine understanding of your business needs.

What can your software development company help me with?

We offer a wide array of SaaS development services, including building a SaaS app from scratch, transforming an existing app into a SaaS solution, integration of your existing app with 3-rd party services etc. Contact us to learn how we can help with your particular request.

What is the recommended go-to-market strategy for launching a SaaS application?

The go-to-market strategy for launching a SaaS application involves meticulous planning and execution. It typically includes identifying your target audience, understanding their pain points, conducting market research, defining pricing and packaging, establishing a compelling value proposition, creating a robust marketing and sales plan, leveraging digital channels for promotion, engaging in early adopter programs, and continuously iterating based on user feedback.

What pitfalls should businesses consider when migrating traditional applications to SaaS?

SaaS cloud migration offers immense benefits but demands careful consideration. Pitfalls include:

  • Integration challenges: Legacy systems may not seamlessly integrate with SaaS platforms, leading to data inconsistencies and operational disruptions.
  • Data security risks: Transitioning data to the cloud poses security vulnerabilities if not handled rigorously, risking data breaches or loss.
  • User adaptation: Employees accustomed to legacy systems may resist change, impacting productivity during the transition phase.

Addressing these pitfalls demands a comprehensive migration strategy focusing on seamless integration, robust security measures, thorough user training, and a well-defined cost-benefit analysis to ensure a successful transition.