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Concept development


Concept development


Technical development


Quality assurance


Platform support

Business analysis & requirements elicitation
Business analysis & requirements elicitationBusiness analysis & requirements elicitation

Apiko is all about predictable software engineering. Before starting a project, our BA and PM experts get through the discovery stage to create a compelling WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) and make a ballpark estimate of the project.

Wireframes, UX/UI development
Wireframes, UX/UI developmentWireframes, UX/UI development

After that Apiko UI/UX Designer and Business Analyst work together on your product’s wireframes, clickable prototypes, and UX design, while Project Manager with the Tech Lead define the required technology stack to deliver an outstanding product within your budget.

The result of concept development
The result of concept development

During the concept development stage you build a reliable foundation of your project. As a result, you’ll eliminate risks such as lack of market demand or unexpected expenses. Moreover, you’ll come up with a well-planned strategy, fully-developed software requirements specification, ready-to-go wireframes and UX/UI design, and accurate, professional estimation of your web application.

Product development
Product developmentProduct development

After your concept has been developed, wireframes and prototype created and the technology stack decided on, our team will commence development.

Apiko tech team holds daily scrum meetings and morning reports that you are welcome to join and contribute your thoughts or any changes, although you are not required to attend.

The result of technical development
The result of technical development

Apiko provides full-cycle web development services that cover every aspect of software engineering and builds prosperous, secure web solutions from scratch.

Quality assurance
Quality assuranceQuality assurance

Each stage of development involves careful quality control conducted by Apiko QA team. From project requirements gathering to post-release maintenance, we allow companies to scale testing capacity with minimum effort. Moreover, we help customers substantially reduce the cost of downtime between releases and deploy additional testing resources during project’s peak loads. Our QA engineers apply testing on each level and offer the following expertise:

  • On-demand testing

  • Test design and documentation

  • Functional & non-functional testing

  • Test automation

  • Dedicated QA teams

Further platform maintenance
Further platform maintenanceFurther platform maintenance

When the code is ready to deploy, we’ll coordinate with your team to make sure that the product is viable and refine its functionality for the best consumer response. Our tech engineers will accompany you on all the launch-related points, that involve testing and fixing issues which real customers face while using your web app on a daily basis.

Get product lifecycle support, further integrations and improvements on a long-term basis. We always opt for a proactive approach to provide continuous consulting across all aspects of your product.

Estimate your web or mobile app

Use our App Development Cost Calculator and find out how much does it cost to make an app and how long does it take.

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Estimate your web or mobile app

Use our App Development Cost Calculator and find out how much does it cost and take to make an app.

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