Transportation and Logistics Software Development

Boost your entire production cycle with custom transportation and logistics software development. Connect your supply chain, fleets, and warehousing with tailor-made functionality that can solve the exact business challenges you face.

Why choose custom logistics and transportation software development for your business

End-to-end visibility of your logistics

By adopting logistics software, gain a unified view across your operations and use this real-time data to optimize supply chain efficiency. Keep track of the movement of your merchandise to identify roadblocks, prevent further disruptions, and make improvements to overall performance.

Increased speed to market

Optimize your logistics to better meet customer demands and set reliable strategies that improve customer service. Increase customer satisfaction by shortening product life cycles, accelerating turnaround times, and speeding up delivery. Achieve higher productivity with logistics software tailored for your specific needs that will minimize human errors, centralize procurement operations, track deliveries in real-time, and automate warehouse and inventory management.

Mitigate risks in supply chain management

Logistics plays an essential role in supply chain management and stops it from descending into chaos. Detect issues or inefficiencies early in the supply chain to streamline every step along the way. Reduce costs by automating business processes, minimizing manual work, and performing faster inventory management and deliveries.

Maximize utilization of fleet and driver capacity

With logistics software, companies can track their vehicles in real time, calculate estimated arrival times, and share this information across the transportation chain. Routing and scheduling solutions also help companies to distribute orders to available means of transportation and create efficient schedules as well routes for drivers.

Reduce emissions

Implementing reporting programs to regularly measure emissions is becoming mandatory worldwide. With the right tools and by integrating emission calculation capabilities, logistics companies can accurately monitor and report all emissions thus reducing the environmental impact of their transportation processes.

Key transportation & logistics software features

Leverage our extensive custom software development expertise to optimize your logistics and transportation workflow. Manage transport scheduling, dispatching and monitoring, supply chain, invoicing, and more with a heavily tailored system that provides solutions like:

Multi-user architecture

Order processing

Shipment rate management

Load planning


Real-time inventory control and visibility

Warehouse management

Dock scheduling

Fleet management

Managing third-party logistics service providers

End-to-end real-time shipment tracking

Comprehensive reporting

Transportation and logistics solutions

Ensure the integration and efficient management of different elements of your supply chain or distribution process. Develop a custom solution tailored to your unique workflow and niche with comprehensive functionality such as:

Freight tracking

Be able to track the location of your shipments in real time with freight tracking. Such platforms allow you to monitor freight along the supply chain relying on technology that enables end-to-end visibility, goods movement optimization, and shipments’ compliance with regulations.

Fleet management

Fleet management technology allows companies to organize and coordinate their vehicles to increase efficiency while minimizing costs and risk. It can be also used to control finances, productivity, fuel management, and compliance.

Warehouse management

With a warehouse management solution, you can optimize and complete essential operational tasks within a warehouse, such as tracking inventory levels, locating goods, managing staff schedules, fulfilling orders, and refining how warehouse space is organized.

Asset management and tracking

Asset management tool makes it easy to digitally track the location of physical assets, either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by utilizing tags. It also stores inventory data, which allows managers to track the lifecycle of assets and ensure scheduled maintenance is completed on time.

Route planning and scheduling

A route planning component uses real-time data such as traffic updates or driver schedules to optimize the transportation process. It also keeps track of performance at all times reporting driver information, carbon emissions, and different other business KPIs.

Transportation and logistics software development services

Apiko builds custom transportation and logistics solutions from scratch. We cover every stage of the software development process, from the discovery phase, end-to-end development, and testing to product launch and further support. Create a digital solution for your supply chain optimization, inventory and transportation management that meets your exact business needs.

logistics and transportation software development

Develop logistics software with business value in focus through a thorough approach to business analysis and planning. We start cooperation with in-depth business requirements analysis and create a work breakdown structure to create the solution that best satisfies your business needs.

logistics software development

We handle all stages of the software development lifecycle from gathering requirements and creating a product roadmap to UI/UX design, engineering, product release, and post-production maintenance. Our engineers work on your custom logistics software, mobile or web app development using suitable and reliable tech stack and agile best practices.

transportation and logistics

Each stage of development is supported by an effective quality control conducted by the Apiko QA team. To ensure the highest quality of your logistics software and guarantee your system's smooth functioning, we start the testing phase as early as possible and perform automated and manual testing continuously throughout the whole development process.

logistics software development company

Upgrade your logistics software with new features or technologies to boost the performance of your system or its subparts and optimize existing processes. Bring your current solution to the latest industry standards to go hand in hand with your business as it continues to grow.

transportation logistics software

Extend the core functionality of your transportation and logistics system by integrating software components from third-party providers. In this way, you can gain the maximum value for your business and respond to market demands much quicker with additional features and tools.

transportation software development company

Build secure and scalable cloud-based solutions with best DevOps practices. Our engineers deliver high-standard cloud applications for logistics that allows companies to access solutions from any device and location as well as safely store their corporate data. We can also help you transition seamlessly to the cloud enabling your team to become more flexible and agile.

Success cases

  • Fintech
  • Digital transformation
  • 🇺🇦 Ukraine
Minfin case image
Minfin logo

Fintech app development for the top financial platform in Ukraine

A mobile app that enables to convert 150+ currencies hassle-free and helps banks and their customers tap into the benefits of digitalization.
  • Productivity
  • SaaS app development
  • 🇺🇸 USA
Hive case image
Hive logo

Project management tool

Hive is a project management tool we’ve helped to deliver to the international market. Long-term partnership and 5 years of productive collaboration made the company raised $28M investments.
  • Health caregiving
  • Marketplace Development
  • 🇬🇧 UK
Good life sorted case image
Good life sorted logo

Marketplace for older adults and vetted helpers

We developed an intuitive, reliable service for helpers and consumers, where users can find an active and caring person to give them a hand with household chores, cooking, shopping or just having tea and jaw.

Turn your business idea into reality

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Stack of technologies we use for software development and modernization

By utilizing a number of frontend, backend, DevOps, infrastructure and database technologies, Apiko delivers comprehensive and competitive SaaS solutions customized precisely to meet our clients’ exact requirements.

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Questions you may have

Learn more about our flow

How can a logistic software development company help businesses streamline their operations?

With our custom software development services and extensive expertise in building solutions that solve different business challenges (see our portfolio), Apiko can digitize your operations according to your exact requirements to optimize your existing workflow and boost its efficiency. Develop transportation, fleet, order processing, warehouse management systems that will streamline a range of routine processes your company does, track goods and vehicles, and speed up time to market.

Why choose custom transportation software development?

Custom transportation software development will enable you to integrate different disconnected supply chain processes into one and improve operational efficiency with a unique set of features and APIs. Not only can you build a transportation management solution from scratch, but also we can help you update your existing systems with required functionality and tools to grow alongside your business.

What is the cost of transportation and logistics software development services?

While every engagement is unique, estimates for the logistics software development services will vary depending on the project, its complexity, set of features, and the size of a team.