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Fintech app development for the leading financial portal in Ukraine that reinforces banks' digitalization and delivers currency exchange services right into your phone.

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* the screenshots used in this portfolio case contain fictitious data used for illustrative purposes


  • 4 software developers

    1 QA engineer

    1 UI/UX designer

  • Mobile app

  • Ukraine

  • Fintech

  • Mobile app development,
    UI/UX design, QA and testing

  • June 2021 - ongoing

About the client

Minfin platform is a part of a leading fintech company in Ukraine - Treeum - that reshapes the way people approach money. It devises innovative solutions that remove traditional barriers, digitize financial operations, and act as an intermediary between customers and financial institutions. Treeum is a holding company of the most renowned brands in Ukraine in the B2C segment (specialized resources - minfin.ua and finance.ua) and B2B (financial partner network - Finline, and Bank Online events).

Project idea

Minfin Currency Exchange app is a disruptive fintech solution for mobile platforms that allows users to monitor the changes in currency exchange rates in real time. It also helps customers find the best currency exchange deals at banks and offices nearby, keep track of different currencies’ dynamics, as well as trends on the cryptocurrency market. What’s more, the fintech app functionality enables users to convert any pair of currencies and get an up-to-the-minute result with just a few clicks.

InsideOut Story


Since 2008, Treeum’s goal has been to deliver top fintech software products that digitally transform how people deal with financial operations. They started with the Minfin platform, a Ukrainian web portal about finances and investments, which after two months of its existence was gathering 5000 visitors a day. Now the company has more than 300 workers and minfin.ua is a leader among financial resources with millions of users each month.

The Minfin platform provides information about main events in the economy, up-to-date currency exchange rates, and helps customers find the most advantageous deals at banks, such as deposits, credits, and insurances.

In order to make currency exchange more accessible and improve this experience for customers, Treeum has engaged Apiko’s software development services to launch a Minfin currency app. Since 2021, our team has been working on the project to bring about a React Native application with the necessary features to simplify and digitize currency exchange processes. We’ve already released an MVP version of the app and now continue expanding its functionality.

Challenges & solutions

See the challenges, and solutions we’ve offered to our clients
  • Build a React Native app with currency exchange rates and an online converter
  • Create an intuitive and highly functional UI/UX design focusing on users’ needs
  • Develop an MVP version of the app with the fundamental features to release and start validating the business idea as soon as possible

Main features

We helped to deliver the following features

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MinFin currency: main screen

On the main screen, you can see the average currency exchange rates at Ukrainian banks, also the average rates at currency exchange offices, Interbank, and National Bank of Ukraine. By swiping left and right, you’ll see the rates at which your main currency can be exchanged for any other currencies selected by you in the settings.

The exchange rate dynamics is also available in green or red color, depending on whether the rate goes up or down. The data is constantly updated and you can see the time when the last update was right there on the screen.

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Exchange rate dynamics

By clicking on the currency exchange rate and trends, the user gets access to a detailed graph with exchange rate dynamics. The graph shows two tendencies of prices for selling (a red curve) and buying (a green curve) the selected currency. The user can choose a period and source of the provided data such as:


  • A week
  • A month
  • A quarter
  • A year


  • Interbank
  • National Bank of Ukraine
  • Currency exchange offices
  • Banks
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In the upper right corner of the screen, the user can go to the settings and update their preferences as to the:

  • Language of the interface.

  • Region. There is a selection of all Ukrainian cities, which you can choose to become your default region. Also, the app uses geolocation services to determine the user's location and set it automatically.

  • The quote currency. The currency which is sold.

  • Selected base currencies. Here the user can choose up to 10 currencies, which exchange rates they want to see on the main screen, as well as change the order in which they are displayed.

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Currency exchange rates in different banks and offices

In this block, users can view the currency exchange rates in different banks and offices in Ukraine. The banks and offices are sorted according to the best rates for buying or selling the currency, and the user can change how to view them. In the list you can also see list the details about each bank or the office, such as which ones are closer to you, their addresses, phone numbers and working hours to make the most profitable deals.

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Online currency converter

In the Minfin fintech app, there is also an online currency converter which enables users to calculate in just a few clicks how much it costs to exchange a certain amount of one currency for another.
You can easily change the currency, the sum of money you want to convert, and instantly view how much you will get based on the average rate. On the screen you are also able to see:

  • Currency exchange rate that has been applied to calculate the final sum
  • Time of the last data update
  • The list of banks and the sum of money they can offer you according to their rates for the amount you want to exchange
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Currency exchange locations: find banks and offices near you

The app functionality consists of a Google map and filters to choose currency and type of currency exchange institutions. Initially, the map shows the rates at the banks and offices, which are the nearest to the user’s geolocation. By tapping on the bank icon, you can see all of its contact details.

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On the cryptocurrency screen, you can search for any cryptocurrency, view their worth and exchange rates, as well as monitor the detailed dynamics of their change. There is also some more important information available to track such as capitalization, hourly, daily, and weekly trends of the cryptocurrency needed to make informed decisions.

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Currency exchange rate widget

In order to always stay up-to-date with the quickly changing trends, the Minfin app has a must-have feature - a currency exchange rate widget that can be added to your phone. You don’t even need to open the app anymore to monitor if the rate goes up or down and whether it’s a good time for an exchange.


We’ve integrated the product with the following services



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The outcome of fintech app development

The Minfin Currency app is available on the App Store, Play Market, and Huawei AppGallery.
Currently, more than 100,000 users have already downloaded the fintech app to their phones.
It is being constantly updated with new features to help users find out the latest information about the currency exchange rates from four different official sources, convert their currencies online and monitor the best rates and places to exchange money in their cities.
Apiko team and Minfin continue cooperating to extend the app’s functionality with new useful features. Now we are working on launching a new service that enables currency exchange rate booking. This service will help users fix the desired rate and needed sum of currency online for a certain period of time to pick it up later in the bank.