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screen of Hive
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Project management software for teams


Scope of work:Frontend, backend for web application

Result:We are proud to say that Hive has achieved the amazing results - raised $4 million investment! It's a great honor for us to be a part of Hive team and share their success! Apiko team keeps collaborating with Hive and together we aim for new achievements.

screen of Plio project
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Compliance management platform


Scope of work:Frontend & backend for web solution, iOS & Android mobile app

Result:Apiko team has developed a modern commercially successful web and mobile applications.

screen of Fooducer
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B2B food marketplace platform


Scope of work:Frontend, front-end UI, backend & responsive website development

Result:Our Team has developed an advanced B2B food marketplace platform to let producers distribute the necessary product information as well as collaborate with their customers in a transparent and comprehensive way.

screen of Hot Spots
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Event management platform


Scope of work:Frontend, front-end UI, backend, iOS mobile app, Android mobile app

Result:Our client has received an event planning application for both iOS and Android. It has got all the necessary functionality for the release and promotion.

screen of Experitix
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Platform for events scheduling & ticket sales management


Scope of work:Frontend, front-end UI, backend, iOS mobile app, Android mobile app

Result:We’ve developed fully functional platform for scheduling, event management, payments, and reporting that can be used in any industry.

screen of FindEd
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Eduction recruitment marketpalce platform


Scope of work:Apiko development team has provided full-stack development, that included frontend, backend, UI/UX design for web solution for the recruitment platform. It’s required to develop a two-sided functionality⁚ for submitting the school details and teacher profiles.

screen of wibl project
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Childcare/babysitting (marketplace) mobile application


Scope of work:Android mobile marketplace app

Result:Apiko team has released robust Wibl Android marketplace application for children and their parents.

screen of Databazel project
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Data visualization

People deal with big data processing in different areas, e.g. business and economy, healthcare, government, science and education. Databazel is a simple tool for data visualization directly from MongoDB. It allows to stay in control of your data, effortlessly and quickly analyze it, and share reports with your colleagues.

screen of FoodSap project
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Food places management platform


Scope of work:Backend, frontend, UI

Result:It lets facility owners to collect feedback about the emotions and learn more about the overall clients’ experience. The clients are rewarded for spending their time on a feedback with getting involved into customer loyalty programs.

screen of Prefi project
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Personal finance app

Perfi is a React Native-based app, with open-source code, which helps you in controlling your expenses and incomes. The aim of this simple yet intuitive in use tool is to become a great assistant when it comes to personal finances management.

screen of GitterMobile project
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Unofficial Gitter mobile app

Its primary aim is to manage community collaboration and be a platform for discussion and contribution to open-source projects. It gathers all the development community in one place and allows to find any information just in a few clicks.

screen of Online Reputation Manager project
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Online reputation management app

Usually a company has multiple social media profiles where its clients can leave the feedback. This is when keeping track of all the ratings and reviews becomes a headache. ORM app was designed to automate this process. It allows to gather all reviews from different websites in one app and to make their overall analysis.

screen of dataforce alpha project
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Dataforce is a web-based analytical platform that's available for all platforms. With Dataforce a user can create charts based on data from Salesforce, Google Analytics, etc. The main feature of this app is the ability to overlay couple curves from different sources or services.

screen of leanlanes project
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LeanLanes is a web-bases GUI prototyping tool that's available for all platforms. With LeanLanes a user can create a complex prototype or a user story for the mobile application based on reusable graphic components.

screen of Construction asistant project
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Construction Assistant

Construction Assistant is an application for on-site construction administration. It empowers project and site managers, allowing them to work at the construction site, use up-to-date project information, and improve construction project execution.

screen of tagpost project
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Tagpost is a platform that allows users to observe thematic social reactions that contain graphic content. As a user you'll have a personal search bots that will grab a relevant content from the social networks like Twitter or Instagram and save it into collections.

screen of get it done project
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Many people (managers in particular) use a lot of tools for organization of their time and routine affairs. Searching through the browsers' tabs can distract you from the main job. The main idea of Get-It-Done consists of combining most used features of time management and scheduler services. It also allows you to integrate and synchronize data with time-tracking services giving you powerful time organization tool.

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