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A self monitoring app for eating disorder therapy that lets patients track their behavior, thoughts, goals, and the meals consumed, as well as get their Health Professional’s feedback and support to make treatment instant and seamless.

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  • 3 software developers

    1 QA engineers

  • Mobile application

  • Sydney, Australia

  • Mental health care

  • Mobile app development,

    dedicated team

  • November 2021 - ongoing

About the client

InsideOut is an Australia’s national research institute for eating disorders, with a strong focus on implementing their research discoveries into everyday practice to achieve the most efficient prevention and treatment. Their goal is to provide access to high-quality evidence-based treatment for every Australian experiencing eating disorders.

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Project idea

As eating disorders are often treated with a combination of clinical therapy and self monitoring, the InsideOut team decided to develop a self monitoring app to remove the need for paper tracking. It would be an instrument to let the client keep track of their food, thoughts, and behaviours during their eating disorder journey. Push notifications would increase the users’ involvement, and work as some important reminders, e.g. about the following meal.

Such a mental health app would help the patients monitor and reflect on their eating disorder recovery and notice important trends about what seems to help them or hinder them in recovery. And, what’s important, they would do it under the supervision of a health professional, using a one-way messaging functionality to let the health professional leave relevant comments and suggestions.

In such a way the InsideOut self monitoring app would help their clients to monitor and reflect on their progress in recovery.

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The client noted that their existing web app version of the self monitoring features was better suited to a dedicated mobile app in order to leverage the convenience of a mobile phone during important times such as meals or distressing situations. The client approached Apiko to create a companion app for the web version, converting the existing site while using best practice mobile design to make the app easy to use and engaging.

Challenges & solutions

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  • Come up with the design for a mobile application
  • Build a frontend solution for the healthcare mobile app

What our clients say

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Daniel Rogers

Daniel Rogers

Digital Project Manager at InsideOut Institute
“A great team to work with, Apiko go above and beyond. Extremely communicative, very detailed, have a great understanding of how much to involve the client vs. manage things themselves.”

InsideOut in details

healthcare mobile app custom development

Add a goal

Indicate what you aim to achieve, and the date by which you would like to have accomplished it.

mental health app

Invite a health professional

Let a health professional view and analyze your logs and progress, and leave relevant comments and suggestions to improve the overall treatment.

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Add a thought

  • Write down the unhelpful thoughts you notice and the related prompting events
  • On a 10-grade scale estimate how much you believe in those thoughts and how much distress they bring
  • Pick which emotions the thought has caused
  • Check if you followed any of the error thinking patterns, like disqualifying your achievements, emotional reasoning, all-or-nothing thinking, catastrophizing, etc.
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Add a food plan

  • Indicate if your meal is the breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack
  • Write a note about it, e.g. indicate what you plan to eat, or anything else you find important
  • Select date and time when you plan to eat this meal
  • Choose if you’d like to set a notification about the meal
  • Choose how you would like to be reminded, including through push notifications
healthcare mobile app custom development

Add a food entry

  • Pick which meal it is - breakfast/ lunch/ dinner/ snack
  • Enlist food and beverages and/ or attach their photo if you wish
  • Add notes regarding your thoughts and feelings before and after eating
mental health app

Add behavior entry

  • Pick one of the types of behavior, e.g. binge eating, restricting some food, night eating, exercise, etc.
  • State if you engaged in that behavior or if it was only an urge and you didn’t do it
  • Indicate date and time of this behavior
  • Write down your related triggers, thoughts and feeling
  • When applicable, enlist food and beverages consumed
  • A list of skills that can be helpful, e.g. problem solving, emotions regulation, mindfulness, distraction and pleasant activities, etc., and their description
  • Check if you thought of applying any of these skills, and if you actually did use them
  • Write down your reflections and what you would possibly do differently next time
mobile app design

Health professionals can monitor and give feedback on clients’ progress

  • View the patients’ profiles
  • One-way messaging functionality for health professionals to leave the real-time feedback, comments and suggestions
develop a self monitoring app

Understand the trends and receive reminders when you need them

  • Filter your entries by their type (food, food plan, thought, behavior)
  • Receive calendar reminders: enable push, mobile phone and email notifications

InsideOut x Apiko

InsideOut collaboration with outsourcing mobile development company


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Healthcare mobile app custom development: The outcome

The mobile app for eating disorders and mental health care is the patients’ companion during the whole day, unlike the preceding web therapy platform. As a self monitoring app it offers convenient functionality to make notes whenever needed, and the push notifications keep the users on their way to achieving their goals. HP supervision allows steering patient’s activity in the right direction to aid their treatment.