MVP Development

Product launch requires wise decisions and prompt actions.
Minimum viable product stands for fast and lean development of your idea, making it a ready-to-use app in the shortest time with minimum expenses.

Check out the MVP development process by Apiko team

We can ensure your business is in line with the market demand

Define the list of requirements

To be certain that both sides are on the same page, Apiko continuously communicates with our client until we create a well-defined list of their requirements and value proposition.

Create wireframes

Before you invest any significant costs into product development, you need to test your ideas on the target audience. Wireframes/prototypes will allow you to find the gaps in your product and improve the user flow.

MVP development

Depending on your product architecture and roadmap, we advise you on the best technology stack, build a timeline, and form a development team for your future software.

Gather first feedbacks

For an MVP-type project, you may be sure to get 3-month project support to fix minor application issues. We also develop the next iterations and milestones for projects that need to scale.

Expand your product with additional features

After you have tracked the conversion rates, got early feedback, and analyzed the results, we will make your product more functional and with more features to satisfy your users' needs completely.

Here's what you get with minimum viable product

We ensure you end up with a properly functioning product by applying testing on each level of SDLC and paying great attention to every detail of your project

In-depth market understanding

Make sure your product can generate revenue and attract customers for your startup or established business before investing more into the software development life cycle. The main objective of MVP app development is to turn your idea into the product quickly, discover your customers’ opinion of it, and find out if your app meets their needs.

Flexible approach to building a strategy

The MVP development allows you to test your idea on your end-users, who will be able to start using the application with only the necessary features within a short period of time. Such an approach gives you the advantage of seeing what works and what doesn’t and flexibility to adapt the product to meet the real needs of your clients, even if it means changing some part of the initial app plan.

Big cost savings

Enter the market quickly and spend the minimum with the MVP app development. Limit the risks by creating the app with only the core features to see how your potential clients respond. This approach helps you gather data about the app concept to make sure you don’t spend more on unnecessary functions. Also, it allows you to validate your business idea, to create and invest in what your customers are certain to like.


Turn your business idea into reality

And discuss your business plan and further actions together
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Key MVP deliverables

Business analyst image

Business Analysis & UX

  • Product vision & business goals
  • Product backlog
  • Wireframes of the key user flows
  • Detailed requirements and elaborated designs for the first iterations/release
Project manager image

Software Engineering

  • Architecture plan
  • Non-functional requirements DevOps plan
Tech lead image

Project Management

  • Project governance approach (methodology)
  • Change management approach
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Implementation efforts estimation

Optional MVP deliverables

Business analyst image

Business Analysis & UX

  • Competitor analysis
  • Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagram
  • Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) diagram
  • Business model canvas
  • Value proposition canvas
  • User persona analysis
  • User journey map
Project manager image

Software Engineering

  • Proof of Concept implementation
  • Review & analysis of services for integrations
Tech lead image

Project Management

  • User Acceptance Testing Plan
  • Definition of Done / Definition of Ready (for scrum methodology)
  • Resource plan with budgeting
  • Risk matrix
  • RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) matrix

How we build a minimum viable product


UI/UX design

The first important step is creating an intuitive, clear, and simple draft of app design. For your MVP development, it doesn’t need to have an extensive list of features, only the key ones to be cheap and fast to implement. Don’t forget that it’s a Minimum Viable Product, which has to represent the main idea of your app and its core functionality.


Prototype creation

Building a prototype shouldn’t be confused with a ready MVP website or mobile app. A prototype is what developers and other team members use to build an MVP app. This sample can be created with a graphical editor or a tool for prototyping, and further developed into an application that clients are able to use.


Back-end development

For your prototype to be able to operate, it needs to have the code. A single developer or a team of developers may be involved to deliver an application ready to be used by your customers. But one more thing remains! At first, your MVP has to be tested to make sure it functions well.


QA and testing

Now you can give your MVP app into the care of our Quality Assurance engineers. They will make sure your software is bug-free by testing it and creating a list with needed edits. When the developers finish with the improvements, your MVP app is ready to hit the market!


MVP app release

When your MVP app is ready to see the world, nothing is left but to publish it! Now it is time to market the application, gather feedback, and evaluate your further plan of action. Seeing how users respond to it will give you a clear understanding of what to do next.
Our team at Apiko will upload your software to the production server if it is an MVP website. If it is an MVP mobile app, we will publish your software on the Google Play Store and/or the App Store. After MVP release, you can decide what direction your product development should take, and dive into improving your MVP, turning it into a more advanced and functional app.

Why work with us?

As a company specializing in full-cycle mobile app and web development, Apiko makes sure every part of your software project is taken care of, including MVP. With this in mind, Apiko offers the services of professional developers, UI/UX designers, project managers, business analysts, and QA engineers, all in one place. Our team will develop the prototype into a fully-fledged application within an integrated and smooth development process. You will not need to waste your time on hiring and explaining your ideas again to someone else.

Success cases

  • Fintech
  • Digital transformation
  • 🇺🇦 Ukraine
Minfin case image
Minfin logo

Fintech app development for the top financial platform in Ukraine

A mobile app that enables to convert 150+ currencies hassle-free and helps banks and their customers tap into the benefits of digitalization.
  • Productivity
  • SaaS app development
  • 🇺🇸 USA
Hive case image
Hive logo

Project management tool

Hive is a project management tool we’ve helped to deliver to the international market. Long-term partnership and 5 years of productive collaboration made the company raised $28M investments.
  • Health caregiving
  • Marketplace Development
  • 🇬🇧 UK
Good life sorted case image
Good life sorted logo

Marketplace for older adults and vetted helpers

We developed an intuitive, reliable service for helpers and consumers, where users can find an active and caring person to give them a hand with household chores, cooking, shopping or just having tea and jaw.

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