Enterprise Digital Transformation

Drive operational excellence in your company with our intelligent tech solutions for business process digitization. We offer full-cycle enterprise digital transformation services, from ideation to implementation, so you can unlock the revenue-boosting opportunities given by innovative technologies. The result is a state-of-the-art organization that holds the agility, competitiveness, and future-readiness required to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
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We change organizations to digital, making them

  • A powerhouse of efficiency, with teams operating at peak productivity.
  • A customer-centric marvel, providing unmatched experiences at every touchpoint.
  • A technology trailblazer, with a cutting-edge IT setup.
  • A data-wise strategist, making data-driven decisions with ease.
  • A market master, always ready to seize new opportunities.
  • A performance prodigy, constantly evolving for sustained success.

Digitization of business processes that delivers results: hear from our happy client

ChallengeWe needed a tool to help us track tasks in business, assign them to employees, and see how much work they do. We hired Apiko to build a heavily tailored solution, as no solution available on the market could meet our business needs.Value DeliveryFrom wireframes creation to complete functionality development and, at present, further improvements, Apiko has assisted us in making the project just what we need.FeedbackApiko is a valuable long-term partner for enterprise digital transformation. Their dedication and commitment to our project result in high-quality of their work. The developers they employ are true professionals who work quickly and efficiently to meet our requirements. They always find needed resources and solutions to satisfy any arising needs of the project. We've achieved a ton of progress working together.

Business transformation consultancy

Any business will encounter the process of digitalization as an inevitable shift to the digital world.
The process of going digital entails the stages of digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation.


Involves the conversion of physical media, such as paper documents, into digital form through scanning or digitization software. For example, a company might digitize its paper-based records to make them more easily searchable and accessible.


Refers to the integration of digital technologies into various aspects of a business or society. For example, a retail company might implement a mobile app and online payment system to enhance its customers' shopping experiences.

Digital transformation

Is the process of changing an organization's business models, workflows, strategy, culture and technology infrastructure to enable new ways of working. It makes your business more efficient, effective, and nimble by automating processes that previously took time and manpower.

Enterprise digital transformation

is not just an IT project; it's a prolonged, organization-wide initiative aimed at

Improving operational efficiency and productivity through the implementation of digital technology.

Enhancing customer experiences by offering more convenient, personalized, and integrated digital interactions.

Driving business growth and competitiveness by leveraging technology to create new revenue streams and market opportunities.

Staying ahead of the curve in the fast-paced digital landscape by embracing innovation and new technology.

Transforming the way an organization operates, interacts with customers, and delivers value by adopting a digital-first mindset.

Building a culture of innovation and embracing change to continuously drive digital transformation.

From strategy through execution and beyond, we work closely with you to identify where your business can benefit from digital transformation.

Reinventing business excellence through digitization of process

Embracing the benefits of digital transformation unlocks unprecedented opportunities and helps our customers
Gain a Competitive EdgeMake data-driven decisions, respond quickly to market changes, and stay ahead of the competition with real-time data and analytics.
Foster CollaborationImprove collaboration and communication between teams, departments, and even customers and partners by digitizing business process, leading to a more cohesive and effective operations.
Assure ComplianceStay compliant with regulations and standards. Reduce the risk of penalties, fines, and legal action by digitizing processes and maintaining an auditable record.
Boost ProductivityDo more with less. Invest in efficiency and attain substantial return on investment, unleash your team's performance and overall impact.
Increase AgilityRespond faster to market conditions, customer needs, and opportunities by digitizing business processes. Streamline key business units to elevate organizational performance across verticals and horizontals.
Drive InnovationEmbrace real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions, identify trends, and respond quickly to changes, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and drive innovation.
Create Custom WorkflowsReinvent conventional processes to bridge the gaps between key business units. Architect brand-new operations based on your non-functional requirements and orchestrate the tasks and projects.
Optimize ExpenditureFree up employees' time so they can focus on more productive processes rather than being bogged down with routine administrative tasks like entering data into spreadsheets or generating reports manually every day.
Enhance TransparencyDigitization creates a clear and auditable record of all business processes, enabling better monitoring and control.

Enterprise transformation success: a shipping container manufacturer’s case


A leading container manufacturing company in the United States, with a history of producing high-quality products for customers across the globe.

Value impact

We helped implement a comprehensive transition from traditional to a digital enterprise. Apiko digitized core business operations to set up greater process control, increase revenue, cut wastes (asset misuse, workforce downtime) and allocate human resources more effectively.

Case study


Inventory management

Invoices handling

Reporting automation

Project, workflow and task management

Resources scheduling & allocating

Transform with confidence. Cure your digital evolution worries with the tangible results we provide

Going through a digital transformation can be a daunting and overwhelming process for companies, leaving them with numerous uncertainties along the way.
Do you identify with any of these anxieties? Let's heal them through business transformation consultancy.

What if the integration of new technology fails, causing massive disruptions to operations and negatively impacting my customers?

Our team of business analysts, business development consultants and technology experts will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and requirements, including your customers' preferences.
We will carefully analyze your current processes and existing IT process maturity, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations for technology integration.
The solution will be developed precisely to serve the unique needs of your business. We are also in charge of all the integration-related processes, from the get-go to post-launch refinements.

What if a data breach occurs during the digital transformation process, leading to customer trust loss and costly fines?

Our team of experts has extensive security experience and is committed to ensuring that your data is protected throughout the digital transformation process.
By adopting a DevOps approach, the organization can reduce the risk of security breaches and guarantee that installing new technology is seamless.
This helps respond quickly to any security incidents that may occur, minimizing the impact on the organization's operations and customers. With our DevOps services, organizations can maintain the highest levels of data security.

What if my employees can't keep pace with new technology and processes, leading to a loss of competitiveness and decreased productivity?

Our commitment to your success extends beyond implementation with ongoing support.
Our experienced support team monitors your system to guarantee seamless performance and a superior user experience.
We provide training materials and sessions for your employees to work efficiently and effectively with new technology. Our team of experts will work with them to make sure they have the skills and knowledge they need to adapt to new processes and systems, maximizing productivity and competitiveness.

What if the cost of digital transformation far exceeds the benefits, putting my financial stability at risk?

We recognize the cruciality of cost-efficacy in digital transformation.
Our experienced team engages in comprehensive consultations to fully comprehend your requirements and financial constraints, and then architect a tailored solution that optimizes the benefits while mitigating costs.
We prioritize cost-benefit analysis to secure the financial stability of your enterprise, while still accomplishing the targeted digital transformation objectives. Choose us as your partner in digitalization, and be confident in realizing a profitable and sustainable digital future, where the advantages surpass the expenditures.

What if resistance to change from employees and other stakeholders proves to be a roadblock, delaying progress and ultimately limiting your success?

Change management plays a pivotal role in digital transformation, and we are cognizant of the obstructions posed by resistance to change. Our team of specialists implements a well-crafted change management approach that effectively overcomes resistance and minimizes its adverse effects.
Through collaboration with end-users, including employees, we communicate transformative benefits and provide the required resources and support to facilitate successful adoption. By anticipating potential roadblocks and enabling stakeholders, we build a seamless execution and attainment of your digital objectives.

What if your digital strategy lacks clarity and direction, leaving you adrift in a rapidly changing digital landscape?

A crystalline and well-conceived digital strategy is imperative for successfully navigating the rapidly transforming digital arena.
Our strategy is designed to be adaptive, nimble, and future-oriented, enabling you to confidently adjust to the dynamic digital landscape. Regular evaluations and modifications assure that your strategy remains contemporary, pertinent, and effective, offering the clarity and direction essential to thrive in the digital arena. With Apiko, you will benefit from a clear, decisive, and impactful digital strategy.

What if digital transformation causes extended downtimes and financial losses, undermining your hard-won reputation and long-term viability?

Our risk-averse methodology prioritizes seamless execution during digital transformation. Thorough planning and rigorous testing minimize downtime, preserving continuous operations.
Our maintenance and support services guarantee system reliability and stability, mitigating the possibility of financial loss and protecting your reputation. Partner with us for a digitally transformed future with reduced risk and maximized stability.
At Apiko, we foster a holistic approach to digital transformation, where precision, compelling vision, and brevity are hallmarks of our offerings. Our team of experts conduct thorough consultations to relieve stress and dispel doubts, crafting a strategy that is agile, dynamic, and futuristically inclined.

Don't let anxiety hold you back from reaching your digital potential.

Partner with us and let us show you the way

Data-driven insights fueled efficiency: internal HRMS development

Elevate your HR management to new heights with insights from our CEO's Forbes article on the benefits and opportunities of digital transformation in the hybrid workforce era.


Mykola Striletskyi

CEO of Apiko

“Providing digital transformation services over the years Apiko used our own expertise internally for the first time, developing human resources management software (HRMS) for our in-house HR team. That's when we really got a taste of digitalization. Read more about Digital Transformation in a Forbes article.

The digital evolution process at Apiko

Duration: 3 weeks

At the first stage of business model transformation, we aim to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your business
  • Evaluate your current state, size, geographical presence, and key processes, as well as your business model, product/service offerings, and supply chains
  • Assess your business goals and development roadmap
  • Identifying units of your business that are ripe for transformation
  • Pinpoint areas of waste, such as manual, repetitive activities, defects in products or processes, inefficient use of assets or space, miscommunication, and wasted data.

Duration: 2 weeks

During this phase we

  • Define long-term digital transformation goals and prioritize them based on impact and urgency
  • Plan a series of achievable initiatives to meet these goals
  • Evaluate the cost, time, and resource requirements for each initiative
  • Assess your technical and organizational infrastructure
  • Align your processes with technology to improve performance and operational resilience
  • Provide expert advice on enhancing business performance.

Duration: 13 weeks

Than we help enterprises to

  • Advance from descriptive to predictive analytics
  • Empower data insights with comprehensive reporting solutions
  • Enhance customer engagement for increased lifetime value
  • Transform IT infrastructure for cost reduction and innovation
  • Implement new scalable custom software for digitized business processes
  • Modernize existing solutions to align with current business needs
  • Integrate systems internally and with third-party apps and services
  • Develop PoC platform and show how it performs in an existing environment
  • Ensure digital transformation success through tailored testing.

Duration: 2 weeks

Our consolidated efforts prevent possible risks of

  • Operational complexity and user-unfriendliness
  • Performance issues in enterprise apps
  • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Data confidentiality breaches
  • Regulatory non-compliance
  • Cost and time overruns.

Duration: 2 weeks

At the post-launch stage of digital transformation, we support you in

  • Gaining key insights to advance your transformation journey
  • Developing a roadmap for ongoing business evolution
  • Orchestrating cross-functional teams
  • Maximizing value while controlling costs
  • Adopting continuous integration and deployment practices
  • Providing timely delivery and managing potential delays
  • Tracking progress and making necessary strategy adjustments as circumstances change.

Digitize your business with cutting-edge solutions in key areas

End-to-end experience change

(customer experience & employee experience)

Main Goal

Enhance audience engagement and boost customer value; create a positive work environment that drives exceptional employee performance and productivity.

Want to drive your business forward?
Let's talk!

Head of DevOps Engineering Office

To develop a DevOps plan and craft the software architecture for your project

Business Analyst

To conduct the as-is enterprise analysis and create strategy of digital transformation

VP of Sales & Business Development

To learn about your business objectives and help you bring them to life

With our passion for creating robust and scalable digital solutions, you can be confident that your project will be executed to perfection. Don't hesitate to collaborate with seasoned professionals.

Answers to common digital transformation questions

What is a digital enterprise?

A digital enterprise is a forward-thinking business that embraces the power of digital technologies to drive growth, streamline operations, and create exceptional customer experiences. By leveraging cutting-edge tools such as cloud computing, legacy modernization, and more, these companies can operate at a level of speed, efficiency, and innovation that was once unthinkable.
The goal is not just to survive in an increasingly digital world, but to thrive and lead the way in their respective industries. Becoming a digital enterprise means investing in digital transformation, not just as a short-term solution, but as a long-term strategy for sustained success.

What are the 3 steps of digitization?

The 3 steps of digitization include:

  • Scanning or capturing of the analog data into a digital format.

  • Data cleaning or conversion, where the scanned data is transformed into a usable digital format, such as a text or spreadsheet.

  • Data storage and preservation, where the digitized data is stored in a secure and accessible format, such as a digital archive.

What is the purpose of digitization process?

The objective of digitization is to facilitate the accessibility, searchability, and preservation of data by converting it into a format that enables efficient storage, retrieval, and distribution. This transformation also opens up opportunities for advanced data analysis and manipulation. By digitizing, one can conserve original analog materials, mitigating the risk of deterioration over time.

What is a digital enterprise transformation roadmap?

A digital enterprise transformation roadmap is a comprehensive, strategic plan that guides an organization's transition to a more technology-focused business model. It encompasses a vision, key initiatives, current state analysis, timeline, and budget to align technology investments with business outcomes and adapt to the evolving market. The roadmap serves as a navigational tool for the complex process of digital transformation, enabling the enterprise to meet changing customer, employee, and market demands.

What is an example of enterprise digital transformation?

An example of enterprise digital transformation in work order management is the utilization of a CMMS, a centralized software solution that automates maintenance and repair activities. The CMMS streamlines scheduling, tracking, and reporting, providing a comprehensive database of maintenance information and integrating with other enterprise systems for complete visibility. This transformation aims to enhance operational control and efficiency, reducing costs through automation and reducing errors through centralized data management.

How do you fund digital transformation?

The financing of digital transformation may come from internal budgets, external funding sources, partnerships, and cost savings. A sound business case is crucial in securing necessary funding, as the source(s) of financing will vary depending on organizational needs and available resources.

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