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Reborn for new challenges. How Apiko helped Lin Engineering to boost their performance by building a robust ecommerce marketplace

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  • 3 software developers

  • Web app

  • USA

  • Electrical manufacturing

  • Web development,
    dedicated team

  • September 2019 - present

About the client

Lin Engineering is a leading motor manufacturing company and an ecommerce marketplace, initially launched to meet your requirements precisely, providing the exact specifications you need.

Project idea

Lin Engineering turned to our team with the prior goal - to build an ecommerce marketplace, a dynamic solution, that will be highly adaptable, multilayered, and clearly organized.

ecommerce marketplace development


Even in the late 1980s, Lin Engineering was widely known for their accuracy, reliability, and consistency of the products as well as the top-notch support. They engineer and design stepper motors, BLDC motors, linear actuators, and other motion control products, that are routinely used in numerous spheres.
Bart Pichola, a marketing and web specialist at Lin Engineering, engaged Apiko to transform an existing online shop and build a reliable ecommerce marketplace to provide customers with a clear, hassle-free shopping experience.

Challenges & solutions

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  • Finding the appropriate product page solution
  • Speeding up ecommerce marketplace development, ensuring scalability, streamlining further maintenance
  • Building an intuitive, functional design for an automated and easy-to-use configuration

What our clients say

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Bart Pichola

Bart Pichola

Manager at LinEngineering

“Since starting the project with Apiko Team, we've seen an increase in the number of quality leads we've received through our website. Our previous online presence led the market to believe we were a small company that only took on smaller projects. Since working with Apiko, the majority of the quotes coming through are from larger companies, which we've been happy with. They employ high-quality developers who work quickly and efficiently to deliver error-free code.”

Main services

Overview of the core services we delivered:
ecommerce marketplace development

Ecommerce marketplace product pages

Apiko created a well-run and interactive ecommerce website to make the choice of motors more productive by means of rapid prototyping. While choosing a motor, features such as the 3D model view and online configuration tool come in handy to get the right motor for the client. Apiko team also added a new function of changing units from imperial to metric to make sure we meet all the needs of the customers.

multi-vendor marketplace development

Data visualization

To enhance visualization, we added graphs of Torque Curves to show the speed and torque rates of motors. Also, it can generate new curves and replace targets to help customers see the full picture of the motors' performance. Such easy-to-navigate functions add to a more efficient and memorable shopping experience.

marketplace development

Motors' search

While building an ecommerce marketplace platform, we designed a simple and user-friendly search feature to improve the process of choosing a motor. The users will witness that this intuitive digital platform provides a smooth experience, helping them find the right motors with easy-to-use navigation.

marketplace development


The product pages provide relevant and substantial experiences with the content-centered interface and flow of information. Customers can quickly find all the data they need with the user-oriented features of selecting the right filters. The straightforward way of operating the search process enhances sales efficiency and customers' comfort.


marketplace development


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  • Reaction Commerce logo
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ecommerce marketplace development

Online marketplace development: The outcome

The eCommerce shop wasn't functional enough to offer customers an automated and easy-to-use configuration. Manual configuration considerably affected the performance of the online shop.
Apiko has created a highly-functional website, where clients can choose and customize motors effectively. It has led to a rise in productivity levels and made the process of ordering motors easier, faster, and more accurate, which overall improved user experience.

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