Discovery Phase

Minimize the software development risks and ensure successful project completion
within the estimated budget and time.

What is the discovery phase?

Discovery phase is the first step of an agile software development cycle. It involves
Determining the software concept and requirements
Thorough analysis of the elicited project-related data
Detailed planning for the first iterations / release
Estimate the duration and cost of software development.
Comprehensively define the project idea and make sure that the whole team shares the same vision
Validate the idea, analyzing its product-market fit

Why to start with the discovery phase?

  • Predefined project scope

    Project discovery clearly defines the software development objectives and splits them into measurable deliverables. It eliminates the chance of chaotic adjustments and changes to the project scope, assuring its smooth and timely implementation.

  • Meeting the deadlines on time

    Discovery phase of a project provides us with the defined project scope, and step-by-step plan for reaching the milestones. Thus, it prevents from extending the development timeframe, and helps to avoid any delays with software launch.

  • Good product-market fit

    Clear project requirements help to stay true to the initial purpose, and develop a solution your target audience needs. With discovery you don’t risk to drift away from the primary project idea, and successively approach your validated business goals.

  • Software that meets your expectations

    Well-planned software functionality, architecture, and carefully chosen technology stack eliminate the risk of unexpected application rebuild or poor performance. This ensures

    • keeping up with the deadlines
    • building precisely the product you and its users are waiting for
    • timely application launch within the set budget.

Let’s meet with the discovery team!

Business analyst image

Business analyst

  • Gathers functional software requirements
  • Creates technical specification
  • Is attentive to details and makes sure all of them are taken into account
Project manager image

Project manager

  • Controls the software development process and makes it clear and transparent to the customer
  • Creates the project roadmap
  • Estimates the app implementation efforts
  • Plans the first release in details
Tech lead image

Tech lead

  • Gathers non-functional app requirements
  • Chooses optimal software architecture
  • Picks the most suitable top-notch tech stack
  • Reveals potential hazards to minimize any risks
UI/UX designer image

UI/UX designer

  • Creates eye-catching and functionable designs that not only look good, but also feel right for the particular application
  • Strives to provide excellent user experience, making interactions with an app intuitive and pleasant 

Project discovery process and deliverables

Agile discovery phase deliverables allow to plan the first steps of app development precisely.
They also define all of the project milestones.

  • Week 1: Groundwork

    You tell us about

    The future solution scope, and, possibly, preferred technologies

    The current state of a project

    Project stakeholders

    What we do

    Define the roles and share the responsibilities within the team

    Plan the discovery activities

    What you get

    Discovery phase agenda and schedule

    Stakeholders list

    Communication plan

  • Week 2: Initiation

    You tell us about

    Your business needs and requirements

    User personas

    The current and future states

    Functional requirements

    Project priorities

    What we do

    Analyze the functional requirements

    Come up with the technical approach, including solution architecture and tech stack

    Elicit the non-functional requirements

    Set the project priorities, milestones and success criteria

    Define the in-scope and out-of-scope activities

    Complete the list of assumptions, risks and dependencies

    Come up with mockups and visual designs

    Estimate the scope we’ve agreed upon

    Validate the discovery findings

    What you get

    Architecture plan

  • Week 3: Wrap up

    What we do

    Finalize the estimates, project roadmap, and team composition

    Get the estimated work breakdown structure (WBS)

    Conduct the discovery playback presentation

    What you get

    Detailed requirements for the 1st sprint

    Implementation Roadmap

    Project governance approach (methodology)

    Change management approach

Answers to common digital transformation questions

How long does it take to complete the discovery phase of a project?

The whole process at Apiko takes about three weeks.

Are there any optional discovery phase deliverables?

Business Analysis & UX

  • Competitor analysis
  • Diagrams (UML/BPMN)
  • Business model canvas
  • Value proposition canvas
  • User persona analysis
  • User journey map

Software Engineering

  • Proof of Concept implementation
  • Review & analysis of services for integrations

Project Management

  • User Acceptance Testing Plan
  • Definition of Done / Definition of Ready (for scrum methodology)
  • Resource plan with budgeting
  • Risk matrix
  • RACI matrix
What comes after the discovery phase?

The project discovery concludes with the planning phase. After its completion, you are all set to smoothly get on track with your web application or/and mobile app development. You are also ready to proceed with the detailed UX and UI design to provide the outstanding experience for the app users.

Could you provide a project discovery case study?

Explore our real-life project discovery phase example and feel free to reach out if you have any questions remaining.


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