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P2P marketplace: Benefits of a peer to peer marketplace software

The rise of Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay gave birth to peer-to-peer or consumer-to-consumer commerce, which made shopping almost borderless. Here are the main benefits of P2P marketplace development:

High demand

A P2P marketplace platform has an absolute advantage that users love. Every client of the marketplace can not only enjoy the convenience of buying online but also become a seller at the same time. The roles can be easily exchanged so that everyone chooses what suits their needs best. Within one platform, users can find various sellers, buy different services or products as well as offer their own ones. Such far-reaching opportunities make P2P marketplace apps high in demand across the world.

Network effect

As the loyal customers appreciate your brand and are willing to recommend it to their friends, your client base continues to expand. But with an online P2P marketplace you can multiply this network effect. Reaching more people and turning them into users will allow your business to grow even beyond the expected limits.

A chance to get a passive income

The best part of launching a peer-to-peer marketplace platform is that the business takes place without your active participation. You don’t have to worry about issues such as warehouses, delivery, logistics. The main goal is to build a P2P marketplace software where sellers and buyers can connect. Get your first visitors, constantly improve your app’s functionality, and generate income with minimum effort.

Digital visibility

Due to the high demand and multiple benefits online marketplaces offer, your brand awareness can grow radically. Make it easy for clients to find your P2P marketplace. Establish your presence online so that your platform can become well-known and loved by many users.

Scalable business model

P2P marketplaces have a great potential for growth. Because they don’t produce, store, or deliver the products, their only goal remains to keep maintaining and upgrading the software. There are no restrictions of niches or particular characteristics, so online platforms can boast of more flexibility than most businesses.

P2P marketplace platform features

Apiko develops custom marketplaces depending on your needs. Here are some of the features for you to consider. Main functionality:

Rich product catalog

On your P2P marketplace platform, product catalogs that perform according to the diverse needs of vendors and customers are must-haves. While vendors need operations to add, delete, and change products in the list, customers look for a way to search, filter, and view those items in detail.

Multiple payment systems integration

Building a peer to peer marketplace includes integrating different payment systems. Your clients need to have the opportunity to pay via your platform through their credit/debit cards, PayPal. Incorporate the necessary gateways to make your marketplace app easy to operate and convenient for making purchases.

Review system

A peer to peer marketplace platform has to provide information about the reliability of vendors and products. For customers to make a conscious choice, there should be an option to share reviews and rate services. Feedbacks foster trust and create an atmosphere of liability, so be sure to include them.


Online marketplace gives your clients the benefit of booking services directly on the platform. Customize your software to make the user experience of ordering and buying convenient to navigate. Make sure your customers can view the details of the booking process so that they will continue to use your platform services with confidence.

Seller and buyer dashboards

When building a peer to peer marketplace, consider two main roles of your app users. Sellers and buyers need to have their own dashboards to perform different functions. User interface should reflect these roles and enable both sellers and buyers to operate the catalogs, orders, payments, returns in the most efficient way to reach their purposes.

Delivery tracking

To provide more value for your clients and enhance the usability of your P2P marketplace platform, include a clear delivery tracking process. Users should be able to see delivery status, tracking number, and receive notifications to ensure that they can rely on your services.

Messaging system

What makes a marketplace platform appealing for customers is clear communication. To get the answers to their questions and support during the order, an easy messaging system with notifications must be incorporated. Your online platform should be a place where partnerships happen.

Apiko team helps you deliver custom P2P marketplace of 2 types

Web P2P Marketplace Development

At Apiko, we leverage cutting-edge technology and expertise to create intuitive, engaging, and secure web P2P marketplace platforms that drive growth, facilitate transactions, and foster meaningful connections. From rentals and local services to niche communities and more, we have experience building P2P marketplaces across a range of industries.

Build a marketplace app

Mobile P2P Marketplace Development

Transform your ideas into a powerful mobile platform that enables individuals to transact, share, and connect like never before. Partner with Apiko and let us help you unlock the full potential of your P2P marketplace in the mobile realm.

Mobile B2C marketplace platform

How Apiko will build your P2P marketplace app

We will create a powerful online marketplace solution for your business


Concept development

Our business analysts will study your requirements and goals of your marketplace development project to outline the scope of work and provide you with a rough project estimation. We will work on your app's wireframes and find the ideal tech solutions for its future development.


UI/UX design creation

Our UI/UX designers create an intuitive user interface that attracts, engages, and excites your B2C marketplace platform clients. We make sure your app is functional, easy to use, and pleasant to interact with. This point in the marketplace development process lets you see how your marketplace software will look like and how the created features will add to its unique user experience.


Developed functionality and performance testing

We make sure the product performs according to your business requirements by applying appropriate testing at all stages of app development. Apiko digital quality assurance services take into account every detail to bring about a highly functional and reliable software product.


Quality assurance and testing

To deliver the best results, we apply quality control at every stage of your marketplace development. The Apiko QA team conducts manual and/or automated testing based on project needs to ensure your app's seamless use. The flawless interface, usability and performance of your app will be well taken care of by our resourceful and thorough approach to testing.


Platform support

When your app is ready and it meets all your requirements, we can continue with launching the marketplace on the requested platform. Apiko will support you during and even after the launch. We focus on long-term partnerships. Our team will work on your platform's upgrades and improvements, extend your app's functionality. You may rely on Apiko in all the aspects of your B2C marketplace platform.

Our P2P marketplace platform development tech stack

Build a reliable digital solution with Apiko’s technological expertise.
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Why work with us?

Having built online marketplace platforms for different industries, you can take advantage of our deep understanding and knowledge. Apiko creates cost-effective and top-quality solutions that meet your unique business needs. We have acquired expertise you can count on in the following domains:

  • eCommerce & retail
  • Healthcare
  • Finance & banking
  • Real estate
  • Task management
  • Accommodation rental
  • Travel & lifestyle
  • Education & online learning

Success cases

We build apps based on modern tech stack
  • Health caregiving
  • Marketplace Development
  • 🇬🇧 UK
Good life sorted case image
Good life sorted logo

Marketplace for older adults and vetted helpers

We developed an intuitive, reliable service for helpers and consumers, where users can find an active and caring person to give them a hand with household chores, cooking, shopping or just having tea and jaw.

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