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Our story

In the beginning
Apiko was started by two brothers: one - a tech savvy, another - a strategic and go-ahead person.They had a lot of IT friends and fellow thinkers who passionately worked with various technologies
Meteor passion
After weighing all the options, we chose a technical focus - JavaScript, and soon after - Meteor. Why exactly this technology? At that time, it was something new and trendy, that attracted young specialists.
Scalable product development
Having a lot of Meteor experience under our belt, we’ve realized that this technology is used mainly for building prototypes and MVPs. We really strived to work with more mature projects that went through the MVP stage. That`s why we started to learn ReactNative, Express, Apollo, and React.
Marketplace development
We are working with people from different industries and one day hit upon an idea to find a narrow specialization. In such a way, our clients will get more business value. That`s why we decided to focus our expertise and concentrate on developing online marketplaces.

Our mission

To provide you with the exceptional products, we


Our priority is to build strong relationships with clients. Nothing inspires more than working on the same mission together with you.

Create a strategy

Your marketplace deserves to be top-notch. Together we create an unbreakable strategy for your business.


Choosing right technology, features, and target audience are essential steps on the highway to your success.


We are with you throughout the whole development cycle. From the first conversation to the product maintenance - we will stand by your side.

No matter what industry you are in.

Grow your business with us.






Companies love working with us.

Here are few.

Our team

Mykola Striletskyi
CEO and Co-founder
Yosyp Striletskyi
CFO & Co-Founder
Yura Matiishyn
HR and Event Manager
Michael Rokosh
Project Manager
Taras Dolynyk
Viktor Vyshnevskyi
Software Engineer
Alex Voitenko
Software Engineer
Mariana Kramarchuk
Head of Marketing
Maxim Romanyuk
iOS & Android Developer
Yulia Dmytryshyn
Partner Manager
Volodymyr Tymets
Software Engineer
Ruslan Vasylenko
Software Engineer
Taras Zahadarchuk
Software Engineer
Taras Romilivych
Software Engineer
Oleg Buiar
Software Engineer
Nazar Strohush
Software Engineer
Valentyn Danilichev
iOS & Android Developer
Roman Bagriy
Software Engineer
Vadym Vorobel
Software Engineer
Sergiy Zinchuk
Software Engineer
Iryna Melnyk
QA Assistant
Zoriana Senkovska
Marketing Manager
Helen Vdovychenko
Marketing Manager
Denys Dovhan
Software Engineer
Terry Sahaidak
iOS & Android Developer
Paul Brunko
Software Engineer
Volodymyr Sirenko
Software Engineer
Anna Yaskiv
Marketing Manager
Nazar Rozhok
Software Engineer
Roman Kushytskyy
Software Engineer
Kirill Nekhaiev
Business Analyst
Stepan Yurtsiv
Software Engineer
Vitaliy Kobytsia
UI/UX designer

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