Digital Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Futureproof your product’s reliability, excellent performance, functionality, and efficiency with Apiko’s digital quality assurance services. Get professional QA support to ensure the flawless work of your software resulting in superb user experience.

QA and software testing services

Let Apiko become your trusted QA partner to take care of the digital quality assurance for your software. Your project’s success is our main motivation.

QA consulting and assistance

Secure the best outcome of your project from the very beginning. Via thorough analysis and planning, we work out the right solutions for your web and mobile app quality assurance.

QA audit

A QA audit is like a health check for the software, disclosing its current drawbacks and potential threats so they can be eliminated on time. Minimize such risks to prevent you from the worst-case scenario and ensure

  • high-performance, scalability and reliability for your application

  • a superb user experience

Audit your current web and/or mobile application to see what should be fixed or improved. Receive the recommendations on how to implement the enhancements or let us do it for you.

Automated testing

Apply web and mobile app test automation to increase time efficiency compared to regression testing (re-running the tests after some changes have been made). Choose Apiko as your QA partner to establish and speed up the process of application testing, and achieve the highest software quality in the shortest time.

Automated testing benefits

  • Detect the bugs as soon as they occur to prevent the further growth of their destructive influence

  • Test your software faster at a lower cost

  • Ensure the quality of those app parameters which cannot be tested manually, e.g. by running performance or stress tests, etc.

  • Easily reproduce the tests whenever needed

  • Get the automatically generated QA reports

Manual testing

Beyond the automated testing capabilities, manual testing uncovers unexpected bugs and checks unusual scenarios to achieve the perfect performance of your app. With the full understanding of the code meaning and purpose, manual QA engineers assure excellent app user experience by manually testing different use case scenarios and ux elements. With manual testing you can

  • Test even the smallest updates as soon as they appear

  • Detect and optimize unnecessarily complex code logic

  • Get accurate feedback from QA engineers due to their ability to precisely recreate end users’ interactions with the software and spot existing malfunctions

  • Test complex use case scenarios more effectively

Quality assurance outsourcing and managed testing

Get professional digital quality assurance for your software development project without having an in-house team of QA engineers. Through coordinated use of both manual and automated testing, Apiko QA outsourcing services ensure your product’s flawless and stable work.

The Apiko team is eager to share our expertise and provide high quality of your application at all stages of its development. We respect your legal ownership of the product and guarantee your data safety through a non-disclosure agreement. Save time, cost and effort while futureproofing the reliability of your solution.

QA support

Get dependable software support throughout each stage of your application life cycle. Beginning with the project requirements specification, and concluding with post-release maintenance, Apiko QA support team will ensure your app’s impeccable engineering and performance.

Digital quality assurance as an integral part for your project’s success: hear from our happy client

Eric Typaldos

Eric Typaldos

The ChallengeWe needed Apiko to provide full-stack web development and help us with a mobile app. QA engineers joined at the very beginning, from the first months when the work started.Value deliveryThe work of the QA department influences the project in the most positive way because they ensure that the product is what its users want it to be. As a company, we have been able to build more in a shorter period of time. When they first joined us, we had just raised a seed round of about $1.2 million. In this last round, we raised $10 million.FeedbackApiko is excellent. Their technical ability is top-notch. They actually care about the product and being a part of the team, which is hard to find in contractors. Apiko is emotionally invested in the project 100% of the time. If there are any concerns, they make sure to bring it up early to avoid delay. They never compromise quality or anything else to achieve a quicker deadline.

Quality assurance services to create a reliable product

With quality assurance outsourcing, you may be sure we will attend to every detail of your software:

Web and mobile app testing
API testing
Backend testing

Continuous performance testing

As one of the DevOps practices , continuous performance testing provides you with a reliable and functional application. By doing one app update at a time and testing it immediately you will be sure which part of the code (if any) contains the bug, so it gets spotted and fixed asap without affecting the user experience. With application monitoring and alerting we prevent app outages and provide its excellent performance.

Load testing

Check how all the components of your application function as a whole by simulating real-life user scenarios. End-to-end testing validates both frontend and backend, and points out any business logic errors or other dysfunctions. With E2E testing we make sure that every single app feature works as expected, that’s why it’s a vital part of the software development lifecycle.

App quality assurance

Take care of your software quality right from the start. The Apiko QA team can join your project from its very beginning or at the current point of its development. We will provide all digital quality assurance services required for sufficient risk mitigation resulting in a bug-free and well-formatted code, excellent app quality and unsurpassed user experience. Some of them are listed below.

  • Code review services

  • Unit testing services

  • Component testing services

  • Integration testing services

  • API testing services

  • Functional testing services

From QA consulting to further support, we will guide you through all the milestones. Our proven web and mobile app testing services are arranged in the way that brings the desired results in the set time-frames without any pitfalls on the journey.

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Software testing life cycle

Let Apiko QA team undertake the high quality of your product. We take your project through these 4 steps of our software testing services to achieve precision.


Project business requirements gathering

Apiko team gathers the main information needed for the successful completion of your project, including

  • the business requirements

  • who your product’s users are and how they will use the app

  • what data the app should contain and return to the end-user, etc.

Our QA engineers validate the requirements for your project and analyze the possibility of their implementation.


Design testing

We create an outstanding and unique app design which complies with all the requirements elicited during the previous stage. Alongside the design creation, Apiko team sets up a test strategy that outlines what and how we should test to get an excellent software solution.


Developed functionality and performance testing

We make sure the product performs according to your business requirements by applying appropriate testing at all stages of app development. Apiko digital quality assurance services take into account every detail to bring about a highly functional and reliable software product.


Further maintenance

The best judge of the app is its end-user. Our QA support will detect and fix the issues your real customers face. We do our best, so that you may enjoy the lasting digitalization benefits with a superb hassle-free app user experience.

Digital quality assurance workflow

We ensure you get a properly functioning product by applying testing at each level of SDLC and paying great attention to every project detail


Testing environment

To effectively check the app functionality and performance it’s necessary to create a testing environment quite similar to the production one where the app is set live. To save costs and time, we define and set up the key areas required to launch application testing. Depending on the project, those may include the hardware, software system and applications, databases and test input data, frontend interface, etc.


Test cases

Test case is an indispensable specification of a particular QA process. It describes the initial conditions and input necessary for successful test execution, the test goal, its steps, and expected results. Test cases make application testing clear and highly relevant in consideration of the set requirements.


Test runs

Apiko QA team actively uses test runs to keep track of the test status and results. They keep us informed about the test case progress and ensure the accurate verification of the tested app functionality. Such a coordinated process gives the wholesome approach to identifying current bugs and envisioning the potential issues to get a completely reliable software solution.


QA Documentation

To gain the undoubted advantage of swift and flawless QA services delivery, QA engineers keep the test documentation at hand with all the necessary test cases and checklists. We plan applying the test cases and prioritize the order in which different functionalities of the app have to be tested.

Why we employ test documentation at Apiko

Why we employ test documentation at Apiko

  • Less time spent on testing

    The clearer the functionality is described, the easier it becomes to test the app on the whole.

  • Cost savings

    You will save money on the further maintenance of the app as it will be quicker to find the needed answers in documentation.

  • More flexibility with less expenses

    If you need to add new features and expand the existing functionality, test documentation will save you time and costs. Due to the organized digital workspace, you will be able to make the desired changes quicker.


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Success cases

  • Fintech
  • Digital transformation
  • 🇺🇦 Ukraine
Minfin case image
Minfin logo

Fintech app development for the top financial platform in Ukraine

A mobile app that enables to convert 150+ currencies hassle-free and helps banks and their customers tap into the benefits of digitalization.
  • Productivity
  • SaaS app development
  • 🇺🇸 USA
Hive case image
Hive logo

Project management tool

Hive is a project management tool we’ve helped to deliver to the international market. Long-term partnership and 5 years of productive collaboration made the company raised $28M investments.
  • Health caregiving
  • Marketplace Development
  • 🇬🇧 UK
Good life sorted case image
Good life sorted logo

Marketplace for older adults and vetted helpers

We developed an intuitive, reliable service for helpers and consumers, where users can find an active and caring person to give them a hand with household chores, cooking, shopping or just having tea and jaw.

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