Managed IT Services

Secure the impeccable performance of your IT infrastructure with Apiko’s managed IT services. Our transparent, controlled, and predictable IT infrastructure management process will provide you with a reliable, performant, and cost-efficient solution you need.

Why to get managed IT services

IT infrastructure is the backbone of your digital business processes. Keep it robust, reliable and flexible.




Service components


IT policies and procedures

Delegate IT infrastructure management to Apiko and concentrate on what truly matters for your business growth. We'll take care of the information technologies for you, in particular

Detect and fix all the weak spots of your IT infrastructure

Prevent system downtimes and minimize disaster recovery time for high-quality user experience

Minimize infrastructure-related expenses while providing the digital solution optimal for your business needs

Implement the best practices to ensure your IT infrastructure security

Provide you with clear, complete and up-to-date reports generation to highlight the current state of your IT infrastructure anytime you need the data

Pave the road for data-driven decision making based on the monitored KPIs analysis

Review and improve IT policies and procedures to achieve consistency and higher efficiency

Build a strategy for predictable and flexible IT infrastructure development

Experience stable flawless performance of your IT system without having to worry about its reliability, efficiency and security.

IT infrastructure assessment

High time for your IT infrastructure assessment is now, there's no need to wait until something breaks down! Let's make sure that you create the robust IT infrastructure for your business, which is easy to monitor and support.

As there's no universal optimal solution for the IT infrastructure, every optimization starts with an audit to:

Identify the things that need to be optimized

Help to prioritize what should be improved first

Receive the recommendations on how to implement the enhancements

And thus prevent app downtimes

Infrastructure audit

Highlights the current state of IT infrastructure regarding all the aspects of its implementation.


Cost Optimization


IT Architecture


Infrastructure Monitoring

Alerting Setup

Best practices Implementation

We offer the free audit
by certified DevOps engineers

Who use the leading world practices. Based on its results, you will get a prioritized list of suggestions for improvement and insights regarding their implementation. Ready to check your IT infrastructure now? Let's do it!

IT infrastructure assessment

For the accurate assessment our IT infrastructure project manager will

  • Elicit the comprehensive list of business requirements to see how the current infrastructure copes with them.

  • Assess the computational needs allowing for future business growth and flexibility.

  • Analyze the current infrastructure configuration, double checking if its components are the most suitable from the technical and economic perspectives.

  • Whenever needed, recommend the solutions and upgrades to optimize infrastructure cost and performance.

  • Provide relevant cost estimates.

  • Carry out monthly infrastructure audits to conduct regular IT systems health checks.

  • Analyze infrastructure performance and efficiency compared to the previous months for its future management planning.

IT infrastructure monitoring

Set up ongoing IT infrastructure monitoring

Keep a close watch over your IT infrastructure

Detect blind spots

Set right any potential issues.

With professional infrastructure support you will no longer have to deal with breakdown's consequences including

Poor user experience

Business dysfunctions

Unsatisfied clients

Save time for your business development

By entrusting the infrastructure monitoringand support to Apiko managed IT services.

Keeping your business requirements in mind, we will

Define measurable KPIs to analyze all aspects of your IT infrastructure functioning.

Set up infrastructure monitoring.

Configure and enable the alerts when any of the KPIs approaches a critical value or some abnormal behavior is spotted. Taking an immediate action will prevent or minimize the related risk.

Build the dashboard for convenient access to the monitored data.

Provide you with insightful data analysis and data-driven decision making capabilities by automated reports generation.

Run infrastructure testing both on a regular basis and in case of alerts for risks mitigation and efficient troubleshooting.

Set up an emergency hotline for fast issue resolution.

Keep the documentation and IT infrastructure diagram up-to-date by making timely records of any changes.

Create and maintain support documents, e.g. description of all the used services, infrastructure configuration details, etc. so that they are at your fingertips whenever needed.

Enable agility of the digitalization processes: flexibly and quickly adapt your IT infrastructure to the changing business needs or any disruptive factors.

Assess and properly allocate the infrastructure resources; forecast the demand for them regarding your business growth strategy.

Manage the billing for cloud services.

Achieve predictable pricing and time investment by planning further IT infrastructure development based on your business needs.

Plan the IT infrastructure management and make sure its milestones are completed within the estimated budget and time frames.

Monitor and log network activity to quickly detect and handle any suspicious behavior.
Implement DoS protection to safeguard your network from suspicious requests and Denial-of-Service attacks.
Conduct regular security audits, update and patch software to timely address any vulnerabilities.
Develop a disaster recovery plan to minimize the IT infrastructure downtime in case of a worst case scenario.

Get support at each stage of IT infrastructure life cycle

...or let Apiko take care of it for you


Build a plan that would align your business needs with the IT infrastructure technical specs required to fulfill them.

Design and acquisition

Create a detailed blueprint of the IT infrastructure that will meet the requirements identified in the planning stage. Select and get the hardware, software, and services needed to build the IT infrastructure.


Build, install, and configure the IT infrastructure. This stage may include hardware installation, software installation, network setup, data migration from legacy systems, testing, etc.


Operate and manage the IT infrastructure. Provide its ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, security management, and performance monitoring.


Keep up with changing business needs and advancements in technology by periodically reviewing the IT infrastructure and implementing needed upgrades.


Get rid of obsolete and no longer needed components to reduce the costs that originate from their maintenance, and increase the security and efficiency of your IT environment. This stage may include
  • IT assets inventory
  • data backup and migration
  • detailed documentation of the introduced changes
  • corresponding tuning of business processes
  • planning for the new solutions.

Turn your business idea into reality

And discuss your business plan and further actions together

The proven tech stack we use to deliver reliable managed IT services

By utilizing a number of frontend, backend, DevOps, infrastructure and database technologies, Apiko delivers comprehensive and competitive solutions customized precisely to meet our clients’ exact requirements.
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