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Our expertise proven by the 28 million investment raised for Hive, the top-notch platform we built from scratch

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It's a great honor for us to be a part of the Hive team and share their success!

But there’s always an area for improvement and we keep developing constantly, so stay tuned!


  • 17 software developers

    7 QA engineers

  • Productivity software

  • USA, New York

  • Software product

  • Web & mobile development (Windows / Mac / iOS / Android), dedicated team, QA testing

  • May 2015 - present

About the client

Hive is a market-leading productivity platform built by Apiko from scratch. Hive is aimed at solving issues with prioritization, communication challenges, and inefficient business processes, designed to enhance team collaboration and productivity.

With Hive, companies say goodbye to cluttered browser tabs and hello to a streamlined, connected, and efficient workspace.

We create result-focused software for guaranteed success

As a software development partner, we built Hive from scratch, enhancing their journey to the top.

Our 8 years of partnership have been a resounding success, marked by

32x revenue increase

$28 million in investments

Expanding the client’s in-house team from 3 to 70 employees

$2B current valuation


Hive is the epitome of streamlined collaboration, delivering unparalleled productivity and efficacy for teams in a multitude of industries. Born from the visionary foresight of co-founders John Furneaux and Eric Typaldos, who have devoted their careers to addressing the pain points and inefficiencies of workplace collaboration, Hive represents the solution to the yawning gap between beloved user productivity tools and leadership requirements.

The cofounders of Hive turned to us in 2015 with a progressive idea of changing the way companies manage their projects. Eric Typaldos and John Furneaux wanted to launch a collaboration tool that allows businesses to move faster and accomplish all their tasks within one platform. In 2021, Hive announced the $10.6M raise in Series A funding with Comcast Ventures as the lead investor. The team will use the investment to improve the platform and enrich its functionality with new features.

The Hive platform is the answer to your team's collaborative needs, seamlessly integrating project management, task tracking, team communication, and file sharing into one comprehensive solution. Designed with user-centricity at its core, Hive prioritizes simplicity, flexibility, and intuitive navigation, empowering teams to work smarter, not harder.

Being an all-in-one productivity platform, Hive was initially developed to let users forget about juggling numerous tabs and tools while gathering needed information. Your working day may start in one centralized dashboard and stay there until it’s over.

Hive’s path to prosperity: Role of a tech partner

Hive value flawless user experience and tech excellence most. With their user-centric approach and robust software development team, Hive enables thousands of companies to streamline their work processes and achieve faster results.

Explore the story of Hive’s unrivaled success on Forbes.

Eric Typaldos

Eric Typaldos

CEO and Cofounder of Hive
“We worked with Apiko, a web and mobile app development company that helped staff an incredible offshore team. Without this team, Hive wouldn’t be where it is today.”

Our team helped Hive with

Elaborating the solution functionality

Providing post-release support and further maintenance

Re-engineering & refactoring the MVP

Making further continuous software updates according to customer’s requirements

Creating modular project scope and structure

Rolling out new functionality, fast and without compromising on quality

Building maintainable, flexible architecture

Developing the web & mobile software products

Erasing technical glitches and performance disruptions through expert QA services

Creating an intuitive user experience

Structure of the technical team

Our dedicated developers are optimized for seamless collaboration and innovation. They have been organized into specialized groups, each with its own unique focus:

Starline pod

Premium features

Nectar pod

Core functionality

Honey pod

Backend optimization

Swarm pod

Mobile app development

To ensure all features, integrations, and the platform as a whole are functioning properly, our Quality Assurance team - comprised of 7 engineers - rigorously tests every change made throughout the development process.

Importance of QA: How the dedicated team of quality assurance engineers lets Hive keep an edge over competitors

At Apiko, we place a strong emphasis on software quality through our dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) process. Our skilled dedicated QA team is tasked with ensuring that all software meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. Our approach is the one of continuous improvement, with testing carried out throughout the project life cycle.

The Hive project, in particular, benefits from a well-structured testing workflow, monitored by a team lead in the QA department. Our QA engineers are experienced in both automated and manual testing, and their goal is to ensure that our products deliver an impeccable user experience. In a world where software bugs are inevitable, having a dedicated QA team is crucial for building customer loyalty and delivering high-quality software. This is not just true for large organizations with a large budget, but also for startups and smaller companies looking to scale their product and provide a steady platform.

Don't settle for mediocrity in software. Learn more about how Apiko's dedicated QA process can help you achieve excellence:

Learn faster than your competitors

Useful business and technical tips for creating a scalable product.

Most companies turn to Hive for

Streamlined efficiency

Hive optimizes work processes, augmenting productivity and efficiency.

Masterful project management

Hive offers a comprehensive platform for executing projects with precision, monitoring progress, and ensuring desirable outcomes.

Collaboration par excellence

Hive's tools foster seamless teamwork and collaboration, catalyzing the completion of tasks.

Automated task execution

Hive automates routine tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Seamless file access

Hive's file sharing functionality enables effortless access to important documents, streamlining workflows.

Timely delivery

Hive's reminders and deadlines guarantee on-time delivery, ensuring success.

Elevated productivity

With its sophisticated features and user-friendly interface, Hive empowers companies to reach new levels of productivity.

Main features of the product

hive productivity platform

Flexible project views

We developed various screens, including Kanban, Gantt, portfolio, calendar, table and summary view to let users throughout the team visualize data in the way that works for them best.

hive project management

Hive chat

Forget about switching tabs to message your teammates. Organize all your private messages or group chats directly in Hive without sorting out a bunch of letters.

what is hive project management

Personal dashboard

All the actions assigned to a user are gathered in My Actions list to bootstrap your activity. There are four statuses for current, future, completed and assigned by you tasks.

project management software hive

Hive analytics

To condense the progress in one screen we added a built-in analytics tool. It enables users to monitor individual and team performance, most productive days or overdue actions by project.

hive project management review


Assign your team members for current and upcoming projects, plan and schedule their tasks and manage working hours. Monitor when your colleagues are open for new assignments and see their progress.

hive project management tool

Project settings

Make configurations of each project before it starts or let your team members set up additional options by themselves.

hive task management

Dependency, proofing and approvals

There’s no need to spend all day along to track the progress. Simplify approval cycles with the ability to assign approvals, provide feedback and share proofs.

hive task management

Task importing

No need to start everything from scratch. Just import all your tasks from the tools you use. Hive is integrated with Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and even more!

hive desktop app

Forms and templates

To keep up the good work, you can set up repeatable workflows utilizing Hive Templates to reproduce tasks and projects that might be duplicated at a moment's notice.

hive project management


Stay up to date with customizable notifications, that inform you on task status changes, teammates’ activity, time-tracking or actions progress.

project management software hive


The in-app AI copilot can autogenerate steps on an action card, create content, including blogs, meeting agenda, PR pitch, unique descriptions and replies to emails, or even generate images.


We've integrated the product with the following services


As a leading company in the workplace productivity industry, Hive has set its sights on delivering results-driven solutions to its clients. With a long history of success, it's no wonder that the first client to sign up to Hive remains a devoted user to this day. Hive's innovative vision and robust toolset have come together to create a well-known platform with thousands of satisfied customers.

At the heart of Hive's success is a dedicated team of 24 members, including web, mobile, and full-stack developers, QA specialists, and tech leads. Our team's expertise and commitment to quality guarantee that each department runs smoothly and that the product consistently meets the highest standards. And, with the ability to expand our team as needed, we're ready for any challenge that comes our way.

We're honored to be part of Hive's team and to share in their success. However, we never stop searching for ways to improve and evolve. With a passion for excellence and a culture of innovation, we look forward to continuing our journey with Hive and our clients.