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One-stop solution to consolidate your work in one place and forget about a myriad of open tabs: 5 years of successful cooperation with Apiko Team

Short overview



20 specialists


May 2015 - Present


Web and mobile apps


Productivity, Project management


Web & mobile development (Windows/Mac/iOS/Android), dedicated team, QA testing

Short overview

  • Team:

    20 specialists

  • Time:

    May 2015 - Present

  • Platform:

    Web and mobile apps

  • Industry:

    Productivity, Project management

  • Country:


  • Services:

    Web & mobile development
    dedicated team, QA testing

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About the client

Hive is a productivity platform, aimed at solving issues with prioritization, communication challenges and inefficient business processes.

project idea

Project idea

How many tools do you use during your working hours? And how many tools do you want to use? Being a process management software, Hive was initially developed to let users forget about juggling numerous tabs and tools while gathering needed information. Your working day may start in one centralized dashboard and stay there until it’s over.



The cofounders of Hive turned to us in 2015 with a progressive idea that should change the way companies manage their projects. Eric Typaldos and John Furneaux wanted to launch a collaboration tool that allows businesses to move faster and accomplish all their tasks within one platform.

Instead of building a better Slack, Evernote, Zoom, Airtable, or a hybrid of their power-features, we helped our customers with winning a user journey. We did multilayered work, combining its complex functionality, flexibility and seamless UX, to condense all the activity into one screen. Today, Hive bakes numerous tools and services into a single package, so the user doesn't have to split their brain five different ways.

Since its foundation, Hive has reached great achievements, so we’re proud to be a part of such a successful and proactive team.

  • A lot of market giants, like Google, Uber, Toyota, IBM and Starbucks became Hive’s customers.

  • They have increased revenue 32x and raised over $16M of investments across the rounds.

  • Hive is integrated with more than 1,000 applications to combine messaging, email, calendars, file-sharing and workflow tools into one platform.

Challenges & solutions

See the challenges and solutions we’ve offered to our clients

  • Rewrite project management software with new Meteor version, ES6, modular structure and more maintainable architecture

  • Extend the functionality and add various integrations

  • Improve its efficiency, optimize the workflow, make adjustments

  • Provide post-release support and further maintenance

  • Constantly update the software according to customer’s requirements

starting point
  • Starting Point

    Our customers came to us with

  • Minimum Viable Product that has already received first investments

  • Business vision, concept and objectives

  • Full inventory of the features necessary for successful project management

research and analytics
  • Research & Analysis

    Actions we took for providing our customers with the A-class result:

  • Based on the provided documentation, we elicited requirements and defined the scope of work 

  • We conducted the research and analysis of the technologies which can help clients to build a solution of the highest quality 

  • Dedicated team with a proven expertise has been established and assigned to the project 

  • During the development process, we achieved the following outcome:

    During 5 years of successful cooperation with Hive, our team has reached the following progress:

  • Rewriting the MVP version with modular structure, new Meteor version, ES6 and more flexible architecture

  • Developing project layouts, to-do lists, a built-in chat and AI-driven features to read emails.

  • Optimizing and extending the functionality to boost visibility for every stakeholder.

What our clients say

Check out what our clients think of us

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Apiko is excellent. Their technical ability is top-notch. They actually care about the product and being a part of the team, which is hard to find in contractors. Apiko is emotionally invested in the project 100% of the time. If something is on a tight deadline, they pull together as a team to make sure it is met. If there are any concerns, they make sure to bring it up early to avoid delay. They never compromise quality or anything else to achieve a quicker deadline.

Eric Typaldos

Eric Typaldos

CTO at
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Main features

We helped to deliver the following features

Project management tool development - Hive case study | Apiko


Flexible project views

Project management tool development - Hive case study | Apiko

We developed various screens, including Kanban, Gantt, portfolio, calendar, table and summary view to let users throughout the team visualize data in the way that works for them best.


Hive chat

How to build a project management tool: Hive case study by Apiko tech team

Forget about switching tabs to message your teammates. Organize all your private messages or group chats directly in Hive without sorting out a bunch of letters.

How to build a project management tool: Hive case study by Apiko tech team
Project management software development guide


Personal dashboard

Project management software development guide

All the actions assigned to a user are gathered in My Actions list to bootstrap your activity. There are four statuses for current, future, completed and assigned by you tasks.


Hive analytics

Building a multi-million project management software: case study | Apiko

To condense the progress in one screen we added a built-in analytics tool. It enables users to monitor individual and team performance, most productive days or overdue actions by project.

Building a multi-million project management software: case study | Apiko
Development of Hive project management software: Apiko development team



Development of Hive project management software: Apiko development team

Assign your team members for current and upcoming projects, plan and schedule their tasks and manage working hours. Monitor when your colleagues are open for new assignments and see their progress.


Project settings

Project settings

Make configurations of each project before it starts or let your team members set up additional options by themselves.

  • Dependency, proofing and approvals
    There’s no need to spend all day along to track the progress. Simplify approval cycles with the ability to assign approvals, provide feedback and share proofs.

  • Tasks importing
    No need to start everything from scratch. Just import all your tasks from the tools you use. Hive is integrated with Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and even more!

  • Forms and templates
    To keep up the good work, you can set up repeatable workflows utilizing Hive Templates to reproduce tasks and projects that might be duplicated at a moments’ notice.

  • Notifications
    Stay up to date with customizable notifications, that inform you on task status changes, teammates’ activity, time-tracking or actions progress.

Project settings


We've integrated the product with the following services




The outcome

Today, Hive is an industry leading company on a mission to improve workplace productivity. We are proud to say that our customers have achieved amazing results and the first client to sign up to Hive still uses it! That’s a case when both the ingenuity of vision and robustness of the toolset burst out and evolved into a well-known platform with thousands of admirers. Since its inception, our dedicated team’s size has increased from 3 to 19 members, as well as Hive’s in-house team. It involves web, mobile and full-stack developers, QAs and tech leads, who manage the activity of each department and guarantee the highest quality of the product. We’re ready to extend a team with needed experts at any time.

We’re pleased to know that Hive wouldn’t be where it is today without our team and hope we’ll keep on cooperating in such synergy and ingenuity.

It's a great honor for us to be a part of the Hive team and share their success! But there’s always an area for improvement and we keep developing constantly, so stay tuned!

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