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Facility management app development: A. Anthony Corp digitally transforms the way businesses manage their buildings and building operations. This smart solution helps you focus on running your organization while it meets your workforce management objectives and takes care of every detail connected with facilities maintenance.

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  • 5 software developers

  • Web & mobile app development

  • USA, New York

  • Facility management, Accounting

  • Mobile development (iOS/Android), web development (Windows/Mac), dedicated team, QA testing

  • October 2016 - present

About the client

Anthony Serdula is the founder of A. Anthony Corp, a facility management company that leverages technology to optimize operational tasks. A. Anthony Corp. helps organizations streamline business processes with powerful solutions and highly skilled personnel. With over 20 years of extensive industry expertise and a growing network of services, Anthony is actively engaged in the process of Operational Excellence and continuous improvement. A. Anthony Corp optimizes buildings operations and makes sure clients can focus on what they do best. To deal with internal processes of companies and tackle the building operations inefficiencies the facility management software was created. This work order management system helps businesses effectively deal with maintenance requests inside a company, providing full transparency and accuracy.

Project idea

Most companies are overwhelmed with a large amount of paperwork when it comes to managing their facilities. Our client's idea was to develop a custom B2B facility management app that would automate the workflow between organizations and service providers. Now it's an all-in-one tool where companies can create work orders, manage invoices, choose suppliers, and track reports about the work done.
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Anthony Serdula contacted Apiko back in 2016 to partner with an idea to create a B2B platform - an essential solution for digital transformation in facility management. Its main purpose was to optimize and automate the internal processes of the company, mainly the management of company's personnel and external technicians who perform scheduled and emergency maintenance work at facilities. The project would be a complete rebuild of an internal business application that started 16 years ago.
Having been working with enterprises for over 20 years, our client has gained an incredible insight into how inefficient the processes are throughout the facility industry. The salt of the A. Anthony Corp. project is the complete customization of the knowledge management of which a part is work order management software customizable to the customer needs. The system can be adapted to any organization's size and work flow requirements, and it works the way your business does.
According to the set requirements, AAC and Apiko developed two software products for different user roles: a Poly website, including a site for admins, and a Poly mobile app for technicians. Also, we've integrated an existing accounting module - Xero, however, due to the lack of flexibility, our team is actively working on the development of a custom solution. The long-term partnership enables us to keep the platform optimization in progress and achieve better arrangement of the facilities' service management data.

Challenges & solutions

See the challenges and solutions we've offered to our clients during facility management app development

During the facility management app development process, we achieved the following outcome:

  • Rebuilding an existing Meteor application with extended functionality, adding required features and pages
  • Building an MVP and mobile app from scratch, integrating necessary tools, creating landing pages
  • Over 4 years of the successful optimization, updating and maintenance of the web and mobile applications

What our clients say

Check out what our clients think of us
Anthony Serdula

Anthony Serdula

President at A.Anthony Corp.

“The in-house team is happy with the quality of Apiko's work and their thoughtful approach. Apiko went above and beyond to understand and meet all needs, while their ability to resolve issues quickly and effectively made them a reliable partner.”

A. Anthony Corp: Infrastructure

The facility management software is available as a web application and a mobile application, accessible in Google Play and App Store.

Poly Website

A knowledge management platform for creating, planning, and accomplishing tasks, as well as their prioritization. Includes an admin dashboard for privileged users to control the quality of services provided, analytics and reporting, and a flexible system of permissions.

Poly Website users

Super Admin

Account Director

Corporate Services

Portfolio Manager

Site Accounting

Site Manager

Poly Website functionality

A.Anthony website
  • Create, search, and view tasks with convenient filtering system;
  • Delegation of tasks available to technician leads who also have access to the Poly Site;
  • Create, search and manage recurring tasks / work orders.
A.Anthony website

Detailed statistics

  • Analysis of the work of technicians and KPIs;
  • On hold task statistics;
  • Purchase orders;
  • Average duration of work and compliance with deadlines.
A.Anthony website
  • Buildings maintenance;
  • Management of the technicians, contractors, and subcontractors;
  • Management of the platform users and user roles.

Poly: Accounting Module

To make everyday transactions easier and more efficient, a custom accounting module is being written for A. Anthony Corp. We started with Xero, a ready solution, but quickly realized that it's very general and not flexible enough for internal business processes. A custom solution allows to process customers' and suppliers' invoices with 100% accuracy. Plus, it is possible to create any custom report you need and not just those provided by a ready solution.
A.Anthony website
  • Keeping track of the purchase orders;
  • Invoice and accounting management;
  • Keeping records of equipment used by technicians in the performance of work orders;
  • Export spreadsheets with data to Excel, PDF and print;
  • The only multifunctional search on the entire platform;
  • Track a building or buildings along with business unit identifiers;
  • Detailed spend analytics;
  • Exception reporting and alerts.

Poly: Platform reports

The platform is built to process incoming requests, properly categorize the work, prioritize and forward to a responsible party. Automated collecting, measuring and analyzing your facilities management data is one of the main goals of a work order app. A. Anthony Corp solution helps you stay on top of building operations data in the form of numerous up-to-date reports, so that you can meet all your objectives hassle-free.
A.Anthony website

Accounting module reports

  • Client invoicing;
  • Batch invoicing;
  • Client payments (receive payments, client history);
  • Supplier payments;
  • Supplier invoices;
  • Employee (input payroll);
  • Financial (chart of accounts, profit and loss, balance sheet, etc.);
  • Banking (bank reconciliation, transfer funds, bank deposits, etc.).
A.Anthony website

Reports for admins

  • Staff activity;
  • Timesheet report;
  • Spend report;
  • Recent projects report.
A.Anthony website

Site reports

  • Work orders;
  • Assets;
  • Staff (technician stats);
  • KPIs (completed work orders, completed PM work orders);
  • Contracts (contract expiration reports);
  • Purchase orders.

Poly Mobile solution

A mobile application for technicians and managers, designed to easily operate work orders, building services tasks and related processes.

Technician lead

Technicians, contractors, subcontractors

A.Anthony website

Poly mobile functionality

  • Create, view, and search tasks with an advanced filtering system;
  • Manually add time spent on work;
  • Post updates inside each task to add any job information;
  • Add consumables that were used during the work;
  • Keep records of equipment and tools used during work;
  • Delegate tasks (available to technician leads);
  • Change the status of tasks according to workflow (Queue, In Progress, On Hold, Completed, Canceled);
  • Basic individual and general performance statistics.

What makes Poly stand out?

A flexible system of user roles allows to create new types of users and modify existing ones.
Manifold workflow allows to customize the system logic to suit specific business processes of the clients
An interface that organizes incoming and outgoing data with API integration.
A large number of templates for automatic generation of reports and the ability to create new ones.
Both the mobile app and web platform are completely customizable to meet specific customer's needs.
A contemporary technology stack, cloud based

A. Anthony Corp Clients: Case Studies

Distribution / Retail

One of the country's leading suppliers of building materials and services with approximately 550 distribution centers.

  • 42 States
  • Consolidations & Abandonment
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Capital Projects


Leading off-priced apparel and fashion retailer in the US and worldwide

  • 2,600 US locations
  • All US states & Puerto Rico
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • 400-500 work orders per week

Personal Finance Company

A personal loan/finance company that provides loan products to individuals.

  • 350 branches in 11 states
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Contracted Services
  • Capital Projects


One of the largest snack companies in the world with 55 US distribution centers.

  • All US states and International
  • Consolidations & Abandonment
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Capital Projects
  • Emergency Services
  • Specialty Equipment Programs


American privately held retailer hunting, fishing, camping and other related outdoor recreation merchandise.

  • 177 locations US & CA
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Contracted Services
  • Capital Projects


One of the largest global financial services companies with offices, retail banks and institutional real estate investments.

  • 190 US locations including 1.0M SF campus
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Contracted Services
  • Capex
  • Asset Management

The Technologies we used for facility management app development

  • React logo
  • GraphQL logo
  • Apollo logo
  • GraphQL logo
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Fully customizable and complex product which automates lots of manual work and saves your time. It provides a better way for enterprises to find, hire, and monitor the workflow of facility management service providers they've chosen.