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  • UI/UX designer

    Project manager

    Business analyst

    2 Mobile developers

    2 Backend developers

    1 QA engineer

  • Electronic music production education platform

  • United Kingdom

  • Music production, e-learning, DJing, online education

  • Web development

    Mobile development

    UI/UX design

    Project management

    Quality assurance and support

  • November 2021 - present

About the client

Syntho is the ultimate platform tailored exclusively for DJs and electronic music production enthusiasts. Accessible via web and mobile apps, it's a dynamic hub packed with features initially designed to elevate DJing skills.

Focused solely on electronic music, Syntho offers an extensive collection of tutorials with multilingual subtitles. Users can share tracks, customize profiles, and network within this vibrant community.

With a subscription-based model, Syntho propels DJing skills forward. It's a specialized ecosystem crafted to hone DJ talent and foster collaboration among passionate music creators.

What our client says

Josh Baker

Josh Baker

Founder at Syntho
Our mission is to cultivate the next generation of house music creators, from hobbyists to professionals.
Apiko Team was able to use their initiative to go away and put together designs for the ideas I mentioned. They were very proactive in coming up with the functionality of the product and figuring out how to best turn the ideas into a reality.

The main features

Syntho's electronic music learning platform, available on both web and mobile applications, is tailored to empower music enthusiasts by providing a comprehensive range of features and modules. These functionalities are geared towards facilitating music production education while nurturing an engaged and interactive community. The platform boasts the following components:

Music education video platform
  • Registration via email and password
  • Login using email credentials
  • Pre-login splash screen
  • User preference questionnaire
  • Password reset capability
  • Successful login landing page
Music education platform
Home Page
  • Segmented tabs for showcasing the latest and popular videos
  • Convenient bottom navigation for ease of access
  • Tag bubbles to filter content of user’s interest and improve user experience
Video Hub
  • Extensive video library encompassing various tutorials
  • Multilingual subtitle toggling (French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese)
  • Options to share, like, and bookmark video tutorials
  • Video playback controls (play, pause, rewind, forward)
  • Detailed tutorial pages with comprehensive descriptions and titles
  • Categorized video tutorials grouped into sections
  • Dedicated space for storing saved tutorials
Mixing mastering
Forest Admin Integration
  • User management functionalities facilitating user blocking, deletion, and detailed user information viewing
  • Access to a comprehensive list of Syntho users
  • Controls for password management and referral links
  • Data gathering about users and videos
  • Uploading videos on the platform
Hub Management

Capability for uploading and managing educational videos

Best music production courses online
My Profile

Personalized user profiles enhancing individual experiences based on custom-made questionnaires managed by admins

Music production training

Internal communication platform fostering interaction within the Syntho community

Best mobile music production app

Functionality enabling users to swiftly locate specific content within the app

Business model and revenue generation:

Subscription-based revenue model offering both Monthly (£59.99), Quarter (£99.99) and Annual (£299.99) subscription plans

Third-party systems integrations

Apiko, as a custom software development vendor, has contributed significantly to Syntho's infrastructure and functionality by incorporating various technologies and systems:

Music education video platform
Forest Admin

Utilized as a third-party system to efficiently manage users within the Syntho platform, offering tools for user management, password resets, and referral link control.

Music education platform
Stripe for Subscriptions

Integrated Stripe's services to handle subscription payments, enabling the monthly and annual subscription models for users.

Apiko has skillfully integrated cutting-edge technologies and systems to amplify Syntho's platform capabilities:

Utilization of Swagger for comprehensive API documentation

Efficient background job handling through Hangfire

Implementation of Clean Architecture design pattern ensuring scalability and modularity

Establishment of a robust infrastructure leveraging monolithic web servers, Docker for containerization, Terraform for infrastructure management RDS Postgres Multi-AZ for data storage and AWS services like CloudFront for content distribution within a unified account setup.

Utilized for real-time database management, authentication, and hosting, Firebase enables seamless and responsive interactions within the Syntho platform.

Employed for multi-channel customer engagement and marketing automation, Braze empowers user interactions and personalized communication.

Utilized for error tracking and monitoring within the platform, Sentry enables proactive issue identification and resolution to ensure a smooth user experience.

Integrated for comprehensive and detailed tracking of user interactions, conversion rates, and performance metrics, DA4 aids in data-driven decision-making and optimization strategies.

Employs Amplitude for in-depth analytics, enabling Syntho to gather comprehensive insights into user behavior, interactions, and platform performance.

Integrated for targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns, Braze enhances user engagement and retention through tailored communication.

Syntho web app


  • Establishing an operational model ensuring sustainability while accommodating other commitments
  • Future feature enhancements including learning paths, lesson plans, gamification, and social/community features to elevate user engagement

At present, Syntho boasts a user base of 600 and continues to thrive with forward momentum.

Partnering with Syntho as a technical service provider, we will be proud to assist them with all of their future business objectives and guide them hand-in-hand along the way.

If you’re about to hire an outsourcing software development team to build your own digital solution, drop us a line to discuss your project with Apiko Business Analyst.