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Building the web platform for recruitment

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  • 5 software developers

    1 QA engineers

    1 business analyst

  • Web

  • United Kingdom, London

  • HR & Recruitment

  • Web app development, dedicated team, DevOps services

  • April 2021 - February 2022

About the client

Having extensive experience in recruitment, the client saw a way of removing multiple pain points from everyday hiring. He decided to implement his innovative ideas within a web platform for recruiting and staffing called Jobheron.

Shaped by users, developed by distinguished IT professionals: Customer video testimonial

Project idea

The client saw Jobheron as a tool that will eliminate as much hassle from the full cycle recruiting process as possible. The project will bring the efficiency of a hiring team to a new level due to:
  • High-quality job templates which feature all important aspects of the offered vacancy
  • Multiposting - publishing a job to multiple job boards simultaneously, providing high exposure
  • Top-notch matching technology to quickly find the most suitable talent
  • Removing CV duplicates
  • Automatic saving of the contact data from the CVs, and much more.

The key premise of the software is it should be easy to use, and allow the hiring of staff directly quickly at a low cost.

Building the web platform for recruitment


The client needed to improve his website's performance and responsiveness, and came to Apiko with a request to modernize his web app's tech stack. He had a detailed vision of the new functionality that had to be developed. The resulting staffing application would boost recruiters' efficiency by helping them avoid doing the same work over and over again, offering a quick and simple way to get suitable job candidates.

Challenges & solutions

See the challenges, and solutions we've offered to our clients
  • Rewrite the existing PHP website with .net and React
  • Implement new functionality
  • DevOps setup of the development, staging and production environments

What our clients say

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Ben Durrant

Ben Durrant

CEO at Jobheron

“The Apiko team was very professional and responsive with a keen sense of detail. If I asked for something to be done it got done the first time. We are very happy with the software and recently launched it. So far the feedback from clients has been excellent.”

Jobheron in details

Building the web platform for recruitment

Manage the job draft

  • Edit job draft
  • Delete job draft
  • Submit job draft for approval (optional)
Infrastructure deployment to AWS CI/CD pipelines

Add behavior entry

  • A user responsible for creating this job
  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Benefits (if any)
  • Job type (permanent, contract, temporary)
  • Salary amount (posting the salary details is optional and you can disable it)
  • Location and/or possibility to work remotely
  • Keywords you would like to filter the candidates by (optional)
  • Hiring team (optional)
  • If you would like to approve changes
DevOps app infrastructure development

Search for a job or filter jobs by

  • Their current status (pending, live, draft, archived)
  • Location
  • Hiring team (or person) who are responsible for the particular vacancies
Building the web platform for recruitment

Users board

  • Create a user
  • Edit user's data
Infrastructure deployment to AWS CI/CD pipelines

Multiple access levels for the users

  • Jobheron Admin - total data access
  • Company Admin - data access on a company level
  • Recruitment Manager - aka head of HR department capabilities
  • Hiring Manager - access to the created job postings or/and to the ones they were invited to
  • Team Member - a company representative/ professional invited to conduct a job interview, or access data on a particular job opening
  • External Recruiter - own job postings management
DevOps app infrastructure development

Manage the live job

  • Multiposting - post the vacancy on several job boards
  • Manage the received CVs:

    - automatically collect contacts' data

    - avoid receiving CV duplicates

  • See the number of all job candidates, and the number of the new ones
  • View/ copy/ archive/ delete the job
  • Expire the job boards
  • Modify the hiring team


DevOps app infrastructure development


  • React logo
  • AWS logo
  • .Net logo
  • GitHub actions logo
Building the web platform for recruitment

The outcome:

Jobheron's direct staffing service offers much needed recruitment innovation and digital transformation. The platform streamlines and optimizes recruitment processes, making hiring the best talent easy, fast and cost-effective.

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